Top 9 High Heels Tricks Every Lady Needs to Live By

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Who doesn’t love to wear high heels? Finding perfect high heels can make any lady look stunning, and it is the best way to show off those curves. But all you need is to know the perfect tricks on how to wear them. And applying them will make you feel confident and stylish every day. To help you out, I am going to share with you 9 tricks that will just sweep you off, and you can wear your high heels now and then.

Table of contents

  • Taping fingers
  • Avoiding the pain
  • Using sandpaper
  •  Avoid the odor
  • Use cotton balls
  • Use heel caps
  • Ice bag

1. Taping fingers

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Are you planning to go out to a disco club tonight while wearing high heels? Here is a great trick that will help you to dance all night without any problem. You can tape your third and fourth fingers perfectly. This will reduce the pressure on the feet.

2. Avoiding the pain

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It’s obvious that when you buy a new shoe, it’s a must. You have some discomfort with them, especially when you wear them for long hours. So, to be free from those discomforts, you should pair them with socks and blow dry them. This trick will work perfectly because the heat will help to loosen up the tightness of the heel.

3. Using sandpaper

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If you have heels that have smooth soles, and you want to make them rough, then you need to use this trick of using sandpaper. This is a great idea that will help you to walk along with full confidence, rather than having smooth soles that will make you slip on the floor.

4. Avoid the odor

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There are so many ways you can avoid odor, but the best trick is to use tea bags. These tea bags can be your cue here, as they remove away the odor from the feet after a long time of wearing your heels. To use them, you can dry out used bags and place them in the shoes for a day. Believe it, there will be no more smelly feet!

5. Use cotton balls

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When wearing heels for longer hours, it can pinch a lot and for that to not happen, you can try using cotton balls. To do it perfectly, stuff the balls into the toe of your shoe till you feel the fit is right. And also, keep extra ones with you when you feel you need more balls.

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6. Use heel caps

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Heel caps will help you to walk with confidence and not to slip while you are walking. With them, be sure to have a great walk throughout the day.

7. Ankle strap heels

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When the feet keep slipping off the shoes, it gets very uncomfortable. And to avoid such things, try heels with straps and ties. This is an easy trick and the right call!

8. Open-toe heels

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Open-toe heels are ones that will help your toes always breathe. Also, these kinds of heels are sexy, and they are quite attractive too.

9. Ice bag

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Especially when you have bought new pumps, they will hurt the toes a lot. And to avoid such things from happening, then you should use cold water bags, and to do so, just fill a zipper ice bag and place it on your heels overnight. This kind of trick will make your heels stretch.

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