Top 8 Instagram Influencers to Follow for Style Tips

Top 8 Instagram Influencers
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Instagram is perhaps the most popular social network for fashion brands and influencers alike because their target audience is right on the spot in the app.

The Instagram fashion game is huge, making it a top destination for content creators. While we traditionally look to the streets of Paris and Milan fashion weeks for the best fashion tips, Instagram fashion has grown significantly and now its realms know no bounds.

If you’re looking for some of the most stylish accounts around the world to follow, this guest post is your guide. From high-end fashion to sustainable timeless looks, these influencers will be your personal look-book to dressing to the nines for every occasion. To keep up with them, however, you will need a reliable internet connection. With a reliable provider on board, such as Cox Internet, you can make sure you don’t miss updates on your favorite influencers. Additionally, with their Cox internet plans you can seamlessly scroll Instagram, stay up-to-date with fashion blogs, and much more!

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Instagram Influencers 1. Josefine H.J

Josefine H.J. is the undisputed queen of black and white, and her street style and Instagram account prove it. She’s known for changing the Instagram scene with her minimalist look, enviable travel photos, and effortless ability to style essentials that her followers just can’t get enough of. Josefine has worked with big names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bulgari, and many more. She has also designed her own line with the Swedish e-commerce company NA-KD.

Instagram Influencers 2. Alexa Chung

Known over the world for her incredible style and charisma, Alexa Chung has made a name for herself among celebrity influencers. Alexa Chung’s Instagram is our go-to channel for all things beautiful. From her style to her posts to her face, everything oozes gorgeous!

In particular, Alexa’s boy-meets-girl style is off the charts, so thank god for her Instagram feed, where we see thousands of gorgeous dresses and super-cool sweaters and jeans.


Instagram Influencers 3. Camille Charriere

We can’t get enough of her edgy British-French style.

Well-known for her witty and sassy fashion blogger style, she quickly garnered attention for her laid-back French style, a mix of young designers and chic fashion, and her openness to the realities of blogging. Camille Charriere is truly a gem. Not only does she know very well how to create glamour, but she also carries out street style effortlessly.

Instagram Influencers 4. Camila Coelho

This fashionista is on our radar not just for her superb style, but also because of her story.

Camila Coelho moved to the States as a Brazilian immigrant at the age of fourteen and began her career straight out of school at a Dior cosmetics store. Safe to say: She has come a long way. She has walked red carpets with DVF such as the MET Gala 2019 and has worked with some of the most iconic fashion houses including Dior. Camila Coelho is an entrepreneur, designer, along with being an influencer. With a huge passion for makeup, she also launched her luxury beauty brand, Elaluz. Talk about being an all-rounder!

5. Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille Theisbeck is a style icon and we’ve been a big fan of hers for years. It is perfect for the industry and style for casual and elegant combinations. She is considered a desirable archetype. Pernille Teisbæk stands for all that is traditional Scandinavian fashion: neutrals and blacks. It has never been easier to reproduce the timeless chic of Pernille with your own wardrobe.

6. Venetia La Manna

The British podcaster and content creator offers all the fashion and lifestyle inspiration content I usually look to influencers for, but focuses on sustainability rather than afterthoughts. The Venetia style embraces ethical fashion and vintage finds that showcase the beauty of sustainable fashion and timeless jewelry.

In addition to fashion, Venetia invites you to explore ethical beauty, conscious consumption, and environmental protection.

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7. Matilda Djerf

Matilda is known for her perfect hair and it is almost impossible not to find her name among the top influencers. Her style is a fantastic combination of comfort, girly, and elegance. Matilda is undoubtedly popular with Gen Z women and millennials who follow their own masculine-feminine style. She tends to avoid a broader color spectrum as much as possible, opting for solid colors such as brown, white, gray, and navy with occasional splashes of color. So if that is your palette of choice do follow her!

8. Stephanie Broek

Stephanie Brook is a journalist, as well as a fashion journalist and consultant. We are enamored with Broek’s original fashion inspiration. She always gets to know the coolest brands first and styles them in unimaginable ways. She loves to experiment with style and her ribbon will tell you about her love for solid colors. Her minimalist style and modernist interior will make you want to change your whole wardrobe. Follow her for perfect cuts, solid colors, and quality basics.

The final word

Whether you’re looking for ways to make the most of your existing wardrobe, tips on how to wear certain pieces, or just want to stay on top of trends this list is your ultimate guide. However, fashion tastes can be infamously subjective, so our list may be missing many more influencers worth following!

Top 8 Instagram Influencers


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