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Do you read magazines with passion and find it difficult to resist fashion? If so, why not seize additional chances to keep abreast of the newest styles and fashions? There are the top 6 fashion magazines in India for 2024; they are widely read, and adored by both men and women and will keep you informed about the latest trends in fashion and style in the business. Current fashion trends, industry news, and more are published in these fashion periodicals. Men’s and women’s fashion publications are included in our list of the top 10 fashion magazines in India for 2020.

1. The magazine Vogue

Vogue fashion magazines

The greatest women’s fashion magazine in the world, Vogue India is the Indian version of Vogue. The largest fashion and lifestyle magazine globally is Elle, an Indian version of the French publication of the same name. Are you seeking themes on relationships, entertainment, celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, the newest trends, beauty advice, health and fitness advice, or travel? Everything is covered by Elle Magazine. Additionally, the home décor-focused magazine Elle Decor was introduced in 1989.

2. The magazine Harper’s Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar fashion magazines
The world’s oldest continuously published fashion magazines is Harper’s Bazaar. The biggest-selling fashion magazine is this one. For “women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture,” Harper’s Bazaar sees itself as the go-to source for style. It’s intended for Indian ladies who are

3. The magazine Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan fashion magazines

Another American-originated magazine available in Indian editions is Cosmopolitan, a monthly publication for women’s fashion and entertainment. One of the best-selling publications that targets primarily women is Cosmopolitan. Numerous and diverse subjects are covered by the magazine, including horoscopes, fashion, relationships, sex, health, careers, and self-improvement.

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4. The FHM Magazine
FHM fashion magazines
An Indian version of FHM Magazine, a British men’s interest publication, is available. The magazine cover features well-known figures, such as leading models, actors, and singers. A concept-based celebrity shot replaced the haphazard celebrity shoots that were previously the emphasis of FHM India. This magazine offers advice on style, dating, fashion trends, viral news, life hacks, sports, and more.

5. GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine is an American publication with an Indian readership. This monthly fashion and leisure magazine primarily targets readers who identify as guys. The second entirely foreign-owned magazine to be issued in India was GQ. GQ Magazine is a men’s fashion publication with articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and books. Its Indian edition focuses on fashion, style, and culture for guys.

6. World of Man Magazine

World of Man Magazine
Another mens fashion magazines and the country’s first men’s luxury lifestyle publication is called Man’s World Magazine. Along with a ton of fashion sections with news, trends, guidance, and suggestions, it also supports Indian guys by addressing other facets of their lives.

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