Top 6 Exclusive 2023 Fashion Trends

2023 Fashion Trends
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Happy New Year, fashionistas! Now that we’ve all made it to this fantastic year, the fashion industry has made a lot of resolutions. If you are anything like me, you’d know that I am already thinking of how to trend up my wardrobe. This is why I thought we’d dive into the top 6 exclusive 2023 fashion trends. Besides, who doesn’t like new outfits?

Here is a funny story: my gallery is full of outfits of different yearly trends and so, my sister took my phone, browsed through them, and started dissing me on how I have a lot of old photos of outdated outfits. I laughed and told her the pictures were for reference purposes, so we could always understand the new trends. Now, imagine my joy when I found out that some of these outfits would be making their comeback in 2023. That was definitely a dissing time from me to my sister (wiggles eyebrows).

Anyway, this new year also means resuming school, and preparation for fashion weeks, parties, and whatnot. That is why it is necessary to keep up with the trends the way fashion experts are.

Top 2023 Fashion Trends, according to experts.

As we await the birth of new fashionable outfits from gurus in the fashion world and prepare for the various fashion weeks, let’s take a quick dive into some of the trends we will notice in 2023.

1. Slip-on dresses from the ’90s

From the appearances on the runways, one of the most notable fashion trends that would be more prominent in 2023, is a minimal trip back to the 90s accompanied by the staple slip-on dresses. Now, January might still be the winter season but who says we can’t plan ahead for spring? So what about a trip to the store and stocking up on bold floral print slip-on staple dresses for spring? Or, since it’s still winter, buying an armless slip-on ’90s dress and wearing a sweater underneath it, doesn’t sound so bad either, right?

2023 Fashio Trends

These outfits can be worn and styled for different occasions like formal, party, casual, professional, you name it. I am so glad this is a trend because I especially love the floral print slip-on dress I have. I usually wear a red top inside because of the cold season but meh, it was classy nonetheless.

2. Oversized Denim-on-Denim styles.

Who else loves oversized denim? Good news then, oversized denim outfits are here to stay. For petite people like me, I was thrilled to hear that I could still rock my oversized outfits out in 2023. This style sets the tone for the different definitions of comfort. Wearing a white fitted top tucked into a pair of baggy denim jeans and an oversized denim jacket, finishing it up with a pair of white trainers, gives you the confidence you need for simple comfort, especially this winter season. It also prepares us for the upcoming spring.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

2023 Fashion trends 2023 Fashion trends

3. Baggy Pants in 2023

Apparently, fashion gurus say that the time for skinny jeans has passed if not yet come, and so, baggy jeans are the go-to kinda look for chic vibes. According to women’s wear daily, Joyce lee states that: “We continue to see how the ’90s inspire people with the resurgence of cool, loose-fitting, and relaxed denim silhouettes. These easy-to-wear styles dominate denim trends and can make any outfit effortless,”

2023 Fashion Trends

Baggy Pants continue to make their comfort statement as being an easy slip-on outfit for any gender, size, or age. They come in different styles like barrel-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, palazzo pants, Bush, wide-leg pants, mum jeans, Tactical pants, Tobi trousers, etc.  These pants are my favorite and typical go-to trousers for whatever I want to do. It can be styled in any way that suits the body type and shape to make you look a hundred percent chic, classy and comfortable.

2023 Fashion trends

4. Cargo it up!

2023 Fashion trends

The Cargo term ranges from pockets to pants, to shirts, etc. They are making their way even bigger in 2023. Cargo pants are never out of style, but now, it’s time to switch things up a bit by going for everything cargo. Lana Blanc, founder of The blanc house told the Insider: “We saw this trend gain momentum (with cargo pants) in 2022. But it’s coming in a big way for 2023.” Yes, guys, cargo pants aren’t just going to continue but there will be a switch-up with cargo pockets on everything, jeans, skirts, shorts, and shirts.

2023 Fashion trends

Cargo outfits are said to be seen as versatile outfits that will continue to trend. They can be worn in different ways and different styles depending on the occasion. For me, I would definitely love to try brown cargo pants, a brown tucked-in top, and its correlating cargo jacket that is designed with cargo pockets.

5. Lug-sole Loafers and Ballet Flats

These two unique shoes have their own functions and make their own statement. Experts say the Lug-sole loafers are a unique brand of loafers that will continue to make its wave in 2023. Lug-sole loafers refer to loafers with chunky, rubber soles and so are perfect for casual, business casual, and spring outfits. Ballet flats, however, are said to continue trending in 2023 adding to their unique ability to be worn for any occasion.

2023 fashion trends

I am yet to see exactly how the metallic colors are going to trend but I’m excited to try it out. For example, pairing a metallic pink dress with silver heels gives off a classy vibe.
Some of the trends of 20232, may have seeped into 2023, however, they are becoming bigger and better. The fashion industry doesn’t always have to be the big people who make the outfits. Nope, it could be us making the trend become trendier as we wear these outfits, and shoes, for various errands or occasions. For me, I’m definitely going for loafers and ballet shoes, cargo outfits and denim because, why not?
Finally, thank you for reading another episode of my blog (clears throat), and please do not forget to read my books as they are ending.
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