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Spring is the season of love, beauty, enjoyment, and blossoms. It not only brings life to trees, plants, flowers, and birds but also makes our mood and psyche pleasant.  Similarly, summer is the ideal season for beach lovers. It brings new excitement and passion for swimmers, surfers, and travelers. Both the seasons have their own color choices and trends. However, some color trends are the same and common for the spring and summer seasons. In this blog, I have disclosed the common and trending color picks for both seasons. Therefore, one can choose colors of their choice and even go with contrasting and matching these colors. So now, let’s start reading these 6 top trending color picks for the spring and summer seasons.

Trending Colors

White Color in Spring & Summer Fashion Trend

White is without any doubt, the king of all colors. This is why it is the color of brides. White is the color of purity, goodness, peace, innocence, and simplicity. Similarly, it is the color of freshness. This is why white is always the best pick for spring fashion design. Fashion designers love the white color contrasts and combinations. Additionally, you can combine pink, blue, and yellow colors with white. Your choice with white may vary as per your likings however never over contrast white color. On the other hand, white gives you comfort and glow during hot summer days. Beach lovers often pick white transparent shirts as well.

White Color Dresses

Blue as Trending Color for Summer & Spring Fashion

When you wear blue color in the spring and summer seasons, it gives a sense of calmness and serenity. Similarly, the blue color symbolizes open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. It represents the sky and oceans. On the other hand, blue is pure bright color hence, it is a very common choice for summer and spring fashion. Additionally, blue has the best contrast with white and pink colors. However, prefer light or sky blue during the summer season particularly.

Blue Color Dress

Yellow Color in Spring & Summer Fashion Trend

Yellow is the color of sunshine, warmth, spontaneity, hope, and happiness. When you wear it, you actually symbolize the change of the season. It makes you happy and light feeling in the spring season. This is why fashion designers choose yellow for summer and spring season fashion clothes. Additionally, yellow is also a pure bright color that symbolizes friendship and positivity. It is the color of youthful and delightful feelings. As far as yellow contrast is concerned, choose white, blue and light brown.


Yellow Dresses

Orange as Trending Color for Summer & Spring Fashion

Winter is the cold and passive feeling season. Whereas, spring is the bright and blooming season. Therefore, pick the orange color dresses for the season of flowers and fragrance. Actually, the orange color represents enthusiasm, excitement, and high energy level.  By wearing this bright color, you in a way symbolize hope, motivation, and encouragement. Similarly, you announce the arrival of a change of the season. Additionally, you can combine different colors with orange color. However white is the best match for it.

Orange Color Dresses

Pink Color in Spring & Summer Fashion Trend

Pink is the obvious first choice of the feminine. This is why we call it the feminine color. Similarly, pink is the color of pure love and romance. It represents softness, kindness, and compassion. This is why this color is the perfect choice for the spring season. Comparably, you can add and match different color contrasts with pink dresses. however, go with green, white, or light blue. This rosy and pure bright color always looks awesome with the green combination.

Pink Dresses

Green as Trending Color for Summer & Spring Fashion

The green color is the perfect representation of the spring season. It represents greenery, health, and environmental awareness. Green is the color of nature. This is why fashion designers select this color during the summer and spring season fashion shows. On the other hand, this nature’s dominant color reflects refreshment, fragrance, growth, peace, rest, and security. Similarly, you can match different colors with green as the theme color.  However, pick white, pink, and brown colors with it.


Green Dress

I hope that you enjoyed reading the above “Top 6 color trends for the summers and spring fashion.” Similarly, these colors always give you an awesome outfit look during the lovely season of flowers blossoming, birds chirping and kissing of bright sunshine.

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