Top 6 Celebrities Who Achieved Most Grammy Awards:

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Many people know about the importance of the Grammy Awards. It ranked second number after Oscar. It is the dream of all music stars to win it and the singer who has never won it wants to win it. Of course, why wouldn`t they dream to gain it when it is like a golden coin of luck? The Grammy award is a very famous award that is given to whom person who produces an outstanding performance in the music department.

Before discussing people, who won Grammys most times, first, we will see the background of the Grammys. The function of this award is held almost every year. More than 75 awards are given away every year. There are 5 major awards out of which is of Grammy and four are also given. Out of four one is for the record, one for the album, one for song of the year, and one for the best new artist. These four awards are general.

• Georg Solti:

He is also known as Gyorgy Stern. He is a Hungarian-British man. He is a very famous person in the music industry. He is a conductor of some orchestras and operates. He is the first person in history who won a Grammy award more than any person. He was the winner of 31 Grammys awards. No one still in history can break his record. No doubt he has still set an unbreakable record.

Years of Winning Grammys;

1962 -1997 were his lucky years of winning Grammys, both were for Best Opera Recording.

Georg Solti grammy

• Quincy Jones:

Quincy Jones is an American person who is famous as a Record producer. He has expertise in more fields that are; including songwriting, music, arranging, and composing, and also as a film and television producer. He was ranked second on the list of winning Grammy awards after Georg Solti. He won 28 Grammys for his work.

Years of Awards Winning;

He won his first Grammy in 1984 and so on.

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• Beyoncé`s Grammy Awards:

She is a singer of America who has also won Grammy awards equal to Quincy Jones. She also plays her role as an actress and producer and also writes songs. Somewhere she is also called the powerhouse of vocalists. Beyoncé won 28 Grammys. Beyoncé is just 40 years old and is the first female singer who win the largest number of Grammy awards.

Beyoncé Years of Winning Grammy Awards;

2001 was her lucky year because she won her first Grammy award and her last in 2021. During this year she won a total of 4 Grammy awards.

• Alison Krauss:

She is a very famous singer. She has her name third in winning Grammy awards most of the time. She belongs to Kentucky country having the nickname Bluegrass (because of its innovative music style). She has a record of winning 27 Grammy awards winning.

Years of victories;

She won her award in 1991 which is the 33rd Grammys event and the final in the 21st century.

Alison Krauss grammy


• Chick Korea`s Grammy Winning Moments:

A male American pianist and jazz composer who also won 27 Grammy awards and ranked at third number among the list of top Grammy winners. He belongs to Chelsea in the United States. He died in 2021.

Award-Winning Years of Korea;

1975 to 2015 are his award-winning years.

Chick Korea won grammy awards

• Pierre Boulez:

He is a French composer, theorist, and conductor. He was born in Montbrison. He is no more between us but his name is still alive among his lovers. He also used to play an electronic instrument ondes Martenot. He took home 26 Grammys awards for his incredible work.

Grammy Winning Years;

He won his first Grammy in 1967 for Album of the Year and the last one in 2015, a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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