Top 6 Bags That Can Spice Up Your Style This Fall

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Regardless of your own taste or style inclinations, bags are ostensibly the main point of every ensemble. Bags may change from one season to another, our taste in the latest styles doesn’t. 

And because of that, we’ve been looking for the top choices that we could handpick and bring for you. Normal handbags such as suede and leather are always in the game but what surprised us the most were the Fall 2021 handbag patterns that came with a BOOM with all the shockingly fun textures and colors. Animal prints like leopard, cheetah, and snake have come from huge designs houses like  Louis Vuitton and Dior, creating spicy interpretations of nature.

So, here are our top 10 picks for Fall 2021. Buckle up, people.

1. Monogram Printed Handbags

It’s an obvious fact the fashion industry is fixated on the ’90s. Moreover, the mid-’00s appear to make a rebound. On the off chance that you grew up during this period, it’s logical you donned a logo bag from Coach. Regardless of whether your bags have gathered dust in your old cupboards, or you are trying to dispose of your old monogram bags, please stop, since it’s time to welcome the style once again.

2. Shoulder Handbags

Chances are that your wardrobe is filled with shoulder bags in all colors and sizes. Shoulder bags are your go-to bags when you are going to catch a hasty cup of coffee or you’re in for a late evening with your friends. It’s an amazing lifesaver and an all-in-one bag that you can put in your wallet, AirPods, and hand sanitizer. Fortunately, regardless of your own design taste, there are huge loads of new styles introduced in Fall 2021 that you can choose from.

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3. Miniature Phone Bags

Miniature phone bags like Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito have made us reexamine our run-of-mill larger than the average shoulder bags. This season, designers have come down to a fair compromise with phone bags—otherwise known as, miniature bags that fit your cellphone or credit cards. If you’re out getting your chores done, walking the dogs, or window shopping, these made-for-tech accessories permit you to go sans hands without forfeiting style. Also, in contrast to genuine small packs, they really fit your small needs.

4. Shopping Bags

Enjoy the sensation of leaving on a binge shopping spree with another most loved lavish shopping bag which can hold your keys, wallet, phone, and much more. regardless of whether the substance is only your assets. Celebs can’t get enough of these bags and neither should you. So, embrace your shopaholic side with these stylish shopping bags that load all the fervor of going out and having a crazy night.

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5. Leopard-Print Bags

Shout out to those designers who thought of starting the animal print trend and then carrying it forward through the decades. Fall 2021 is just like the previous eras where you can get your favorite animal prints out and then strut down the avenues with your leopard print bag high on your shoulder and make an everlasting statement.

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6. Top-Handle Bags

Top-handle packs, to be specific those with smaller shapes and circular handles, are seeing a revival with their delicate corners and unmistakable round shoulder lash. But that isn’t the only shape these bags are coming in. They are seeing new designs with square, rectangular, triangular, and cylindrical shapes that are taking over the fashion industry with a BAM!

So, get your hands on the latest shapes and designs and flaunt your inner queen proudly.


Handbags are always something that will give the added boost to your style that you need. So, go on a shopping spree this weekend and style up your closet with the latest bags.

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By: Farzeen Saeed

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