Top 5 Types of Corsets And How To Style Them In 2023

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There are so many types of corsets to choose from, and they have been trending since the 1890s up to now. No wonder, they have never gone out of style. Whether it’s an over-the-bust, under-bust, or maybe a midi-bust corset can make you stand out at a party or even on a night out on the town. Here in this post, we will talk about the top types of corsets and how to style them in 2023. 

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In most cases, these corsets are made of comfy fabrics that have breathability from satin to mesh, leather, velvet, cotton and also brocade. Let’s take a look below and see the best ways to wear corsets and how to style them for 2023.

#1. Overbust corsets 

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Overbust is the first type of corset that we are going to figure out in this post because it always makes the style look unique and classy. This type has a length that starts under your arm and ends just above your hips. I like these designs because they are comfortable, support the back, and they also lift the breasts. If you also like them, and you want to try them in 2023, then you should go ahead and dazzle them as outwear, under a dress, or maybe with your favorite pants or jeans.

#2. Underbust corset

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Underbust is another amazing type of corset that you won’t go wrong in 2023! With this one, it starts right below your breasts, and it can be donned in two ways. One, you can sizzle them as a fashion accessory over an outfit, and two, as a supportive undergarment. If you want to wear them for the first time, and you don’t know what to pair them with, then you can do them with all your favorite skirts, dresses, and also blouses.

#3. Mid bust corsets

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Mid-bust is another best type of corset that you should not miss in your closet in 2023. With this one, it starts at the middle of your bust and ends just right below your hips. As for Me, I like them because they support the breasts, and they don’t create a dramatic push-up. You can wear these kinds of corsets with a variety of outfits from skirts, shorts, jeans, and more.

#4. Bustier corset

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If you are looking for an outfit that can shape your waist and to lift your breasts, then I think a bustier corset is for you! And there are so many ways to dazzle them, from wearing a corset dress to dazzling them under your pants, jeans, pants, blazers, and even bike shorts.

#5. Waspie corsets

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And lastly, we are going to look at the waspie. These kinds of corsets are particularly wider belt that sits at the waist. And when it is worn properly, it will make you look gorgeous and cute. Wear it under your favorite dress as you step out.

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