Top 5 Trendy Tattoos to put in 2023

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Although the fashion for tattoos may not vary as quickly as that of makeup or hair, the popularity of particular tattooing techniques and patterns tends to fluctuate. For instance, in the 2010s, tattoos of mustaches, infinity signs, and pretty much anything from the Harry Potter series were extremely popular, especially on Tumblr. Along with the first wave of popularity for small tattoos came the rise of minimalism and realism. Moreover, tattoos with vivid colors took a backseat as black and gray designs began to reclaim the spotlight.

1. Neo-Traditional


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There will always be supporters of American traditional tattooing, therefore it won’t disappear very soon. According to Rodriguez, the style is characterized by strong, simple lines, little shading, and vibrant colors. They note that a lot of American traditional designs adhere to a color scheme of blues, greens, reds, yellows, and of course lots of black and tend to be inspired by the military or American patriotism. American traditional tattooing has military roots—after all, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was a real-life sailor in the U.S. Navy—but the genre has evolved to now frequently feature images of snakes, swallows, roses, hearts, dice, and other objects.

2. Microrealism


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As little tattoos have been in style for a few years, it is not surprising to see that trend continue in 2023. According to Rodriguez, small, extremely realistic tattoos are becoming more prevalent on social media, notably on Instagram and Tiktok. To produce intricate designs that are occasionally a little larger than a quarter, tattoo artists use the tiniest lines and dots conceivable. Little tattoos are great because you can pretty much put them wherever. The ear and collarbone are excellent locations to think about, but ultimately, visiting your tattoo artist is your best bet. If you’re aiming for subtlety, a tattoo on the ear is significantly more undetectable than one on the collarbone, for instance. The hands and fingers also function, however, some parts of the hands and fingers can heal badly and fade more quickly. When getting a hand tattoo, make sure to explore the ideal spots and aftercare procedures.

3. Anime- and Video-Game-Inspired Tattoos


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Anime tattoos are becoming more and more well-liked in the US, so it doesn’t stop with video games. Given that anime in general has recently merged with the mainstream in the United States, the popularity of anime tattoos is not surprising. For a number of his clients, Szublak inked Pokémon images. On their Instagram feed, Rodriguez has also seen the pattern. I’ve observed that a lot of tattoo artists who specialize in anime work are receiving increasing attention, they share. Tattoos with anime designs will likely become more popular in 2023, in my opinion.

4. Minimalism

Little basic tattoos will continue to be trendy in 2023, just like tiny, incredibly intricate tattoos will. e. Fine lines naturally work well with simplicity. Simple armbands and faceless photos have both grown in popularity as requests, and they both share.

5. Barbed-Wire Tattoos

With the resurgence of barbed-wire motifs in tattoo trends, the ’90s have influenced our fashion, beauty, and now tattoo trends. According to Rodriguez, barbed-wire tattoos were first connected to the prison system, primarily for people who were incarcerated or had been incarcerated. Pamela Anderson, who got the barbed-wire tattoo for the movie Barb Wire, is at least partially responsible for the design’s popularity in ’90s pop culture. Similar barbed-wire tattoos can be seen all over Instagram and TikTok nowadays, but unlike in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they aren’t all on the arm. Others are adapting the spiky pattern into other forms and styles across social media, while some are getting tattoos of barbed wires in the shape of hearts.

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