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It’s not just about protecting your eyes from the sun – sunglasses can be fun accessories that complete your look.

Sunglasses brands that are at the top of the market are those that combine quality and style. Prada, Oliver Peoples, and Ray-Ban are just a few examples.


There are a number of top sunglasses brands that produce first-rate sunglasses that feature hallmark designs, impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials, and high-quality lenses that offer 100% UV protection.

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Top 5 sunglasses brands :

1. Ray-Ban

It is no surprise that Ray-Ban is the world’s most popular sunglasses brand. Since 1937, this heritage powerhouse has been making high-quality, stylish sunglasses – its Aviator-style shades were originally designed for military use, but have become popular among the public. 

Among the world’s most recognizable fashion accessories are Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer sunglasses. The glasses have been worn by equally iconic figures, such as Muhammad Ali and President John F. Kennedy, as well as Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson, which has helped Ray-Ban define “cool.”Ray-Ban shades also made their way to the silver screen due to their popularity.


2. Oakley

Known internationally for its superior sunglasses, Oakley is another popular brand. Oakley has been the brand of choice for those who participate in outdoor sports and activities since 1984 when it introduced its first pair of sunglasses – Factory Pilot Eyeshades. Oakley’s shades are characterized by their sporty feel, which sets them apart from the competition. 

Despite their mainstream status, Oakley sunglasses remain a must-have accessory for athletes and active individuals. As Oakley sunglasses gained popularity in the 1990s, it seemed that everyone was wearing them.

3. Maui Jim

Founded in Hawaii, where intense sunlight inspired the company founders to design sunglasses that would combat the intense sun, this top-quality brand for time exclusively produced sunglasses there. When Maui Jim sunglasses hit the mainland United States, sales skyrocketed. People are able to see colors more brilliantly and their surroundings more clearly because the brand provides quality lens technology. 

It is today possible to find both sporty and trendy sunglasses to suit every taste in the world of high fashion. Additionally, prescription and non-prescription lenses are available. With its durable sunglasses, Maui Jim successfully competes with other luxury brands. Maui Jim is especially popular with frequent travelers and beach lovers.

4. Transitions


Transitions lenses are made using technology that dates back to the mid-1950s. Throughout its history, Transitions has continually innovated and improved its patented photochromic lenses. For prescription eyeglass wearers, Transition lenses offer no-fuss indoor-to-outdoor lighting adjustment. 

In addition to offering blue light protection and crystal clear vision, Transitions lenses are completely clear on the inside. During the day or when exposed to sunlight, the lenses automatically darken and protect your eyes from UV rays.

For those who are particularly sensitive to light, Transitions XTRActive lenses get even darker than the original lenses and provide extra light protection. When the weather is bright, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses will reduce glare.

5. Tom Ford

Fashion has been impacted by the Tom Ford brand since it was founded in 2005. One of the world’s most successful designers, Tom Ford, founded the company.

Tom Ford sunglasses are highly sought after and considered some of the finest in the industry due to their 100% UV protection and slim frames. Among the most popular styles are aviators, cat-eyes, and wraparounds.

For those who want the complete VIP look, Tom Ford’s sunglasses collection also includes large, square-shaped frames. Daniel Craig’s “James Bond” wore the same style in the movie Spectre.


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