Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms that connect people from different parts of the world on one platform. It is the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube is now an influential platform growing day by day with millions of followers. There is a variety of channels available here in business, entertainment, makeup, technology, gaming, and many more categories. You will find every solution here just by entering a keyword in the search bar. Pakistani YouTubers have now grown up on an international level and content creators and vlogging are now a new trend. In this blog today I will tell you about the top five Pakistani YouTubers that belong to different categories but have made their name in this digital industry and have millions of followers. They have gained immense popularity through their unique content and people follow and wait for their content daily. Let’s go and take a look at these talented young people from the Pakistan YouTube family.


Maaz Safdar is now a social media sensation nowadays. He started his career with TikTok and then move toward YouTube. He then started his YouTube journey with his channel named Maaz Safdar World. He is doing his daily vlogging and daily upload his videos. He is the first Pakistani to upload consecutive vlogs daily throughout the year. His content is funny and based on the daily chaos of a young guy. He is growing day by day with millions of followers.

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Irfan Junejo is considered the pillar of vlog in the YouTube industry of Pakistan. His content is famous for its mature cinematography, intellectual approach, and ideas related to business and travel. He was the first on YouTube to reach a million followers in Pakistan. His views and information regarding the topic he is covering in his vlog are different and worth listening to at the same time. With high-quality visuals and sound effects, his content becomes phenomenal.

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Food Fusion is a cooking channel. The channel was started in 2016 by Asad Memon and his wife and gained immense popularity among household women through their creative recipes and cinematography. The channel is so famous that it is rewarded with a silver play button. They have crossed one million followers too.

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Mariam Pervez is not just famous on YouTube but on Instagram too. Marium started her Youtube channel in 2018 with an Instagram account and start posting content related to makeup, skincare, and styling tips. She gained popularity quickly because of her funny and jolly nature, people start loving her for her tips and tricks regarding skin and hair. She was awarded silver and golden play buttons by Youtube. She has a following of above 2.5 million on YouTube.

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Saad Ur Rehman started his YouTube channel a name Ducky Bhai. He gets popular for his roasting videos on different influencers and TikTok celebrities. His videos also include gaming and funny voice-overs. He also gets PISA Awards for 2020-2021 for best YouTuber of the year. His videos are always trending on youtube as he has started daily vlogging. He connects with his audience on a personal level which makes him popular in a short time. He has a following of about 3.5 million on youtube.

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