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   The five most stylish footballers in the world are highlighted in my fashion blog today. Of course, style is a matter of taste, thus this list is by no means authoritative. In the greater scheme of things, it is also meaningless. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and ignoring the on-pitch antics and transfer rumors that typically grab the news. Instead, what we’re about to do is feed football’s vanity fair of fashion by judging players exclusively on how they look. After British GQ used Twitter to showcase some of their favorite fashionistas in the Premier League, specifically highlighting those who have a reputation for dressing well.


   Often spotted out and about with his Everton teammate Davies, Dominic Calvert-Lewin is the fifth footballer on my list. Calvert-Lewin is ranked higher due to his longer-standing efforts to be a fashion master. Calvert-Lewin has served as the face of magazines and is capable of pulling off any feat. He is extremely cool, whether it is with a sporty fit, something more upscale, or even by defying gender stereotypes and styling outskirts and bags. We thank you, Dom


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     Son Heung Min is the fourth football player on my list and has an excellent fashion sense. Son has currently signed up as a Burberry ambassador, which tells you everything you need to know. He puts together the best instances of contemporary, minimalist clothing when he’s not firing in goals for Tottenham. No need for large labels or glitz. Just a few discrete nods to high fashion, worn with wonderfully stylish ensembles. Now that he’s working with Burberry as well, we anticipate the levels to rise even more.


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    Andrea Pirlo, the THIRD football player on my list, is really stylish. Is he football’s James Bond? Yes, most likely. Pirlo should be the first person 007 gets in touch with if they ever decide to go Italian. Seriously, this man is more awesome than cucumber seeds. He is the master of smart casual, rolling up his sleeves and tucking his sunglasses inside his shirt. There is no need for gaudy brands or costly trainers. Nah. This man will dress appropriately if you give him a suit and a time of day. He is like a great wine.


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    Hector Bellerin, a football player who has an excellent fashion sense, is the second player on my list. Bellerin is a debatable choice to replace Pirlo’s classy look with, but we’re going with it. Bellerin can dress it up or down with tremendous success while still appearing really svelte. Bellerin has checked off pretty about every box, including streetwear, formal clothing, vintage shirts, catwalk outfits, and festival fits. He also did everything with the hair. The individual has a unique understanding of style among current football players. Seriously. He’s incredibly cool.


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     There can only be one sexiest football player who has ever lived, but there has always been one winner, right? Right. Long before any of these younger players are strutting their thing, Beckham was setting the standard for football style and celebrity status. Becks was and continues to be a fashion icon. Beckham is unquestionably football’s James Bond if Pirlo is the potential James Bond. That man is untouchable when dressed and booted. And despite the fact that he is putting people down, he nevertheless exudes confidence. loves sneakers as well. Oh, and he is attractive. He is a dream, the dude.


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By Taha Nadeem


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