Top 5 Most Fashionable Manchester United Players 2022

Fashionable Manchester United Players
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There are a number of fashionable Manchester United players. Fashion has found its way into our football stadiums through players and fans as well. Additionally, top fashion brands such as Nike and Adidas are among the top sponsors of football leagues across many countries. It is almost impossible to separate football and fashion as there is only a very thin line between the two. Manchester United is one of the best clubs in England and is known to have players who have a great fashion sense. Here is a list of the top 5 most fashionable Manchester United players this year. Take a look.

1. Fashionable Manchester United Players Christiano Ronaldo:

This is no doubt to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most fashionable player in the entire Manchester United squad. His shoe game, watch, clothes, dressing code and fashion sense speak it all. Part of Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashion has been inspired by his beautiful model wife Georgina. She has been a great inspiration in encouraging him to take up various fashion challenges.

Fashionable Manchester United Players 1

2. Bruno Fernandes:

Despite being a very reliable player on the pitch, Bruno is a fashionable player too. He has incredible taste in fashion which is very admirable for a Portuguese professional footballer. Here is one of his best fashion moments.

2.Fashionable Manchester United Players 2

3. Fashionable Manchester United Players Marcus Rashford:

Born on the 31st of October 1997, Rashford has grown his career as a football player alongside quenching his thirst as a fashionista. He has been a forward for Manchester United and his dress code has attracted many to his social media handles. He is often seen flexing in top branded clothes such as Gucci, Adidas, and many more. His great fashion sense has earned him a top place in our list of the most fashionable Manchester United players.

marcus rashford fashion 3

Fashionable Manchester United Players 4

4. Mason Greenwood:

Despite having a lot of difficulties this season over various allegations, Greenwood remains one of the most fashionable players in the United squad. His nice taste in fashion is second to none, no wonder ladies have a very hard time resisting him. Have you seen his shoe game? The type of watches that he puts on is such a head-turner.

mason greenwood fashion 5

5. Fashionable Manchester United Players Luke Shaw:

The English professional footballer plays as a left-back for Manchester United. His suits are always on point, revealing his prowess in and out of the stadium. Shaw is an inspiration to young men out there who want to pursue their careers and still remain very fashionable out there. Fashion is part of the reasons he is one of the most admired football players.

luke shaw fashion 6


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