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I’ll be discussing five of CR7’s best hairstyles on my blog today. Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys experimenting with various hairdos (pun, intended). He has a pompadour-inspired style, razor lines, hard portions, blonde highlights, and more! The Portuguese footballer enjoys spikes and a wet, gelled style, although we’d proceed with caution because it can seem somewhat old. Another aspect of his appearance that we really can’t support is his man bun, which occasionally errs into the greasy zone. Stay away if you have fine hair! He didn’t, however, end up becoming the star with the most men’s hairstyle Google searches for no reason. The following list includes some of MFH’s all-time favorite Cristiano haircuts and styles.



                            The legendary CR7 gained enormous fame thanks to his first hairdo because it represented him at his best in terms of football. Normally, we’d advise against blonde highlights, but Ronaldo somehow manages to pull this look off. Longer, sun-kissed curls on the football player contrast well with sharp edges and a fringe. Add some pomade to the top to maintain texture and shine like Cristiano, and use purple-pigmented shampoo to keep your blonde hair appearing fresh.


Cristiano Ronaldo in curly hair with dyed ends


                          The amazing CR7 MFH’s second hairdo likes Cristiano’s take on a buzz cut since he left a little length in the fringe that he can brush back. With the sharp edges, in particular, it appears sophisticated. Buzz cuts are fantastic for people with curly or coily hair who want a wash-and-go style because they require very little upkeep. However, you’ll need to visit your barber frequently to maintain the cut under control. Ask your barber to use a detailer if you want those Ronaldo angles. Again, it’s really low-key in terms of the products. Purchase a quality shampoo, and be sure to moisturize your scalp because it will be visible.


Cristiano Ronaldo in buzz cut



                          The way Cristiano is embracing his naturally curly hair is wonderful! For styling, we’d use a tiny bit of mousse to give the curls definition and grip. In order to make Cristiano’s curls simpler to handle, Cristiano’s barber gave the appearance a lighter undercut and it appears that he thinned out some areas of the hair. Overall, MFH approves of Cristiano’s lengthier appearance. Use masks and moisturizing treatments to keep curls healthy, and choose cream-based styling solutions to prevent curls from drying out.


Cristiano Ronaldo in long on top curly


                         This hairstyle, which blurs the lines between a short, back, and sides, and a Mohican, has a longer part on top. It surely adds a unique spin to a classic appearance, and MFH would like to thank Ronaldo’s barber for the tidy curve around his ear! With texture powder, you can give the top section of this style more height and volume if your hair is thinner. Grab your gels, pomades, and waxes if you want to mimic Cristiano’s preference for a wet look.


Cristiano Ronaldo in baby mohican


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                         The first item on my list is the combination of this skin fade and crop, which truly highlights Cristiano’s sharp style. Although this style is timeless, why meddle with something that has survived the test of time? The top hair has been teased into curls, which is MFH’s favorite hairstyle because it highlights Cristiano’s naturally curly hair while still looking very put together and well-groomed. Goals! To properly nail this look, use curl-enhancing and volumizing styling tools and maintain a matte finish.


By Taha

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