Top 5 Fashion Trends To Follow For Fall 2021

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Fashion comes and fashion goes, but what stays behind is the memories it created for those who followed it to their heart’s content. Fall 2021 was a crucial time for everyone as we, the fashion people, were forced to stay indoors and spend our days in unending gloom. However, 2021 is much different than last year because we are going to walk those avenues in the latest fashion trends. In this article, we have compiled the top 5 fashion trends that everyone needs to follow to up your style game.

Colorful Sweaters to Brighten Your Day

Winter may have a heavy feel to it but what if you can lift up your mood by opting for colorful sweaters instead of the plain and boring ones? Roll up your sleeves and go to your closest store to buy the sweater that you want. The catch? The brighter the sweater, the better your look. You can also go for vested sweaters as they are the “in” product this fall.


Plaids have never really gone out of style, have they not? Well, surprise, they are in this year as well. Rummage into your closet for some old blazer, button-down, skirt, or a pair of pants lying around which you can have dry cleaned and ready for the season. The color scheme? Light and dark plaid are both in this season so worry not, you are all good.

Graphic Tops Which Scream Slogans!

When have slogans or graphic tops gone out of fashion? They are the perfect items when you are in the mood for the out-of-the-box style. Pick a top that has some cool graphics or slogans etched on it and style it with a pair of plaid pants or a puffy skirt, to stand out from the crowd.

Denim Over Denim

When haven’t we ever loved denim over denim? Whether it’s ripped denim, or wash denim, or stretch denim, we love it all. Match your denim jacket with your favorite denim jeans and make a statement when you walk down the streets. Yeah, make that rhyme as well!

Fringe Up Those Clothes

And just like last year or the year before it or the one before that, fringes are going to take up most of our fashion choices this year as well. Whether it’s on leather jackets or the ends of woolen scarves or the bottom of our shirts, we love fringes and we don’t want them to go out of the style and that is why we are going to keep them close to our hearts and or wardrobes.


Even though these style trends have been in fashion for a few years now, you can always up the game by adding your own style and your own preference in the stuff that you wear. Stay fresh and stay bold in order to make this fall, a memorable one with lots of fashion and lots of head turns.

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By: Farzeen Saeed

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