Top 5 Fashion Trends For Women

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Similar to how the seasons change, so do fashion trends. We adore dressing according to the weather, but we also appreciate stealing the sexiest fashion cues from our favorite Bollywood celebrities. We may simply copy their fashionable appearance even when we cannot buy their goods. If you know how to properly match them to the prevailing style. Every individual has their own style.

Here are this year’s top 5 female fashion trends.

1. Micro Blazer :


fashion trends: micro blazer

The collective tolerance for the ongoing pandemic is getting close to the size of a jacket. Consequently, not much. Take cues from the leaner, more fitting shapes of Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, and Jacquemus. Wearing the micro blazer with everything from skinny jeans to miniskirts gives you a multitude of new design options.

fashion trends: micro blazer 2


2. Boots fashion for a casual and stylish look :


fashion trends: boots

Everyone likes boots, regardless of gender. Boots look wonderful on everyone, every time. They come in a variety of styles. Long or ankle boots, either style is undeniably gorgeous. It’s all about experimenting; boots may be worn in the summer as well as in the winter.

 You may wear a boot with your favorite skater dress and jeans for this stylish style.

3. Everything was in black and white :


fashion trends: black and white outfit

This coming summer, many suntans will be complemented by all-white outfits. There is a simple white monochromatic design to suit all preferences and circumstances, from the techy athleisure interpretation exhibited at Hermès to the flowing vacation fashion of The Row, and from hippy chic at Chloé to finely adorned workmanship at Alexander McQueen.


4. Bomber jacket :


fashion trends: bomber jacket

Every year, a bomber jacket is in trend and may be worn by anyone, depending on the look you’re striving for. One benefit of bomber jackets is that they look well layered over practically anything. With your bomber jacket on, you will stand out from the crowd whether you are wearing a simple white t-shirt, a little black dress, or even a bralette.


5. Puff Sleeves :


Since the last several seasons, puff sleeve fashion has been more popular. It is undoubtedly a product of the 1980s, yet it has evolved to resemble a more modern look. Dress and blouse styles with puffy sleeves are used. You may boost your amorous appearance by wearing a puff-sleeved shirt with high-waisted trousers and chunky-funky shoes.

The puffy top may also be worn with a skirt. Make an updo with your hair to emphasize how the sleeves look. Sunglasses and bold jewellery complete the outfit.

Ishita Das


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