Top 5 Face Wash Brands

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There are too many face washes on the market today to list. The most popular products out there vary by location but for the purposes of this article, I will discuss the top 5 face wash brands as I see them

  1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash


It is a soap-free herbal formulation facewash which is been trusted and used since ancient times in India by many people. It is made for both men and women especially for curing pimples and acne. The Himalayan neem face wash is an example of the combination of nature and science together.

2. Cetaphil Gentle face wash Cleanser

A Cetaphil Gentle is a cleanser that helps in exfoliating the extra oil and dirt from your face and makes it looks super glossy and beautiful. It cleanses the face without any irritation to leave your skin smooth and soft. Designed and prescribed by a Dermatologist. It is highly recommended by people nowadays.

3. Mamaearth Ubtan Face wash

Mamaearth ubtan facewash is enriched with the natural goodness of turmeric and saffron. It Protects the skin from radical damage and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Also brightens the skin tone while improving the skin texture and balancing moisture to make skin soft and supple.


4. Clean and Clear foaming facewash

It is a gentle and effective face wash that helps treat pimples and spreads them all over the face. It is a gentle facewash which have a foamy texture while applied, which makes it looks different from other facewash. It improves the pimples and acne within 7 days and gives results fast and shocking.

5. Plum tea tree face wash

It is an ultra-effective cleansing face wash packed with green tea extracts. It’s good for oily skin and maintains the oil of your face. It is a gentle cleanser that can be used on daily basis and is effective on acne also. It is mostly suitable for oily skin types and acne skin types.

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By Jyotsna

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