Top 5 Everyday Work Outfit Ideas


Working is very exhausting for all of us. Whatever your work is there is always a moment wherein we feel soaked up and I have the best solution for that! Go to your closet and pick the best outfit you could wear to work. As a woman, we must look great all the time, not to impress others but to make ourselves presentable in our workplace. Aside from that, dressing up will motivate you and will boost your self-esteem. Here are a few of the ideas you might want to consider for work outfit ideas.



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Based on the books and the movies that I have watched, CEO or boss ladies wear a formal business suit everyday work outfits in the office. I think it’s so cute for a lady boss to have this look, very formal and very boss-like. What I like about this style is the suit itself wherein you can turn this into many styles. You can close the top blazer to make it more formal and serious. You can also let it open with a pair of tank or tube tops as an inner. Heels and high-edge shoes are good for this look too and oh! Makeup is such a plus point with a good bag to mix up the whole CEO work outfit idea of the day!

Tuesday Look: Chill But Chic

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Chill but chic style is a look that everyone wants. This look can be defined as ‘no rush work to finish, no busy schedules, and no annoying boss for a day, lol! (We all have a boss like that, don’t we? 😉) this look can be a skirt, shorts, or boyfriend jeans that are comfy and chill style. With this look, high-edge shoes or a sneaker is what I recommend to make the outfit more chill but still stylish with a couple of jewelry and a good bag.

Wednesday Look: We Wear Pink!


On Wednesday we wear pink! Remember ‘Mean Girls’? That’s where I get this idea 😂 I don’t wear pink but if I do I always make sure that it will suit me and the place that I am going. Since we are talking about work outfits you could wear a pink business suit or maybe a silk dress with a pair of oversized blazers to make it look formal and business outfit-like. White and Pink is a perfect combo too!

Thursday Look: Stressed But Classy


Have you tried going to the office feeling exhausted because of the late-night doing rush work for tomorrow’s meeting? Or how about being late because you wake up late? And the funny part there is you still want to look polished and classy! And yes! Ladies, we are good at that! My solution for that is a classy dress work outfit idea. Perfect for a meeting or a business deal. It is a formal style as well. Stilettos and a pair of bags are such a perfect match for this look. If you have enough time, grab that jewelry of yours to make the whole outfit Classy and work-ready!

Friday Look: Night Party Ready Work Outfit Idea!


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Thank God it’s Friday! The most exciting part of the week! If you are planning for a night out party after work you can wear a mini-skirt paired with a blazer crop top. If this outfit looks too much for your work you can add an oversized coat as a cover-up and you can remove it after work. The second look is you can wear a terno business suit and use a bralette or a tank top as an inner. To look chicer, a pair of heels are recommended.

A week of working may be a pain in the ass but I know some of us, work is their escape. Do you have any everyday work outfit ideas you would like to share? Comment down below and let’s exchange thoughts about it. See you at the next one!


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By Belle Willow 

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