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Pakistan is a country of diverse cultures and languages. It is a country of colorful patterns, different cuts, and a variety of fabrics. The Pakistani fashion industry has been progressing for decades now with new brands added daily. The list of clothing is now increasing with some of them topping the list of the successful brand in Pakistan. Clothing brands in Pakistan have been producing a wide range of designs and cuts that are also being liked in the international fashion industry and have paved their path out of Pakistan. Some of the brands have also been recognized on an international level. They have a wide variety and are affordable too depending on the designs. They provide you with luxury clothing in an economical price range. So by analyzing my overall search today I am here with the list of the top and best clothing brands in Pakistan that are famous and affordable at the same time. Let’s not waste time and have a look!


It was founded in 1998. Khaadi is a brand that gives a boost to local brands of clothing in Pakistan. It is a successful brand in Pakistan and at the same time affordable. They have multiple collections in unstitched and stitched, formal and casual too. One stop with all the options. Their lawn collection with elegant and cool prints is bestselling and loved by everyone. They also have a retail outlet in the UK.


The retail fashion brand with innovative prints and vibrant colors. They offer designs for men’s, women’s, and kid’s wear. They offer a ready-to-wear and unstitched range of lawns that are highly affordable. They have very light fabric which is best for summers in Pakistan. It is on the list of top brands because of its high quality at a reasonable price of just rs1999.


It is a brand for women of all ages. Their prints are different from others as they more focus on distinctive designs and larger prints with color contrast. They have unstitched, ready-to-wear, and haute couture for wedding looks. Their lawn collection is very affordable and ranges around RS2000-6000. They have achieved high success in a concise time surpassing many other brands. They also have other accessories such as bags, and shoes.


They are a brand of fusion with western and eastern cuts and designs. It was started in 2010 and now has around 70 stores in Pakistan. They also have stitched and unstitched collections for women. They also have other accessories such as handbags, jewelry, clutches, and bottoms. The reason behind their success is updating their designs and cuts in the stitched collections which led people to wear new cuts as compared to other brands.


It is one of the oldest clothing brands in Pakistan and we cannot forget them if we are talking about the Pakistani fashion industry. It is a textile company established in 1953. They have silk, law, khaddar, and cambric fabric in their collections. Their high-quality stuff is a reason for their popularity to sustain so long.

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