Top 5 Clothing and Fashion Brands in India Series- 1

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Nowadays, learning about India’s top 30 clothing and textile firms, as well as the top 25 fashion labels, is not difficult. If you live in a major city, you can find several well-known Indian and worldwide fashion labels by going to a mall. For your convenience, we have listed the top 25 apparel and fashion brands in India on one page.

While the majority of these brands are multinational and very well-liked among Indian consumers, some of them are Indian. In India, fashion shoppers started purchasing more clothing from online retailers around 2020. They want to know which top fashion brands are available to them in India so they may buy the most fabulous attire. This list will be beneficial.

Another crucial point is that it would be less helpful to compile a list of arbitrary brands without understanding what market group they cater to. So, after looking into a couple of the best malls in the Delhi region, we developed a list. On the basis of that, we have divided the top Indian clothing brands into the following categories.

Following a quick introduction, we will present a flat list of brands, after which the names of the brands will be listed under the following headings.

  1. Men’s Formal Brands.
  2. Men’s Casual Brands
  3. Women Ethnic wear
  4. Ladies Western

1. Adidas


fashion brands in India 1

Since its founding in 1949, Adidas has grown to become one of the most well-known names in sportswear. Currently, this company ranks as the second-largest sportswear maker in the world. Although Adidas is best known for its sneakers and other sportswear, the company also boasts a sizable clothing line.

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2. Allen Solly 


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It is without a doubt the largest and fastest-growing retailer of luxury lifestyle goods in India and a brand-name apparel company. Since its founding by William Hollins & Co. Ltd. in 1744, it has produced premium Western clothing for adults, adolescents, and children. It was introduced in India in 1993 by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, which Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited eventually purchased. Due to its affordable and mass-market trends and attractive, high-end variants, the company has a sizable consumer following.

On this website, you may read more about Allen Solly’s clothing offerings.

3. Biba


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In 1988, Meena Bindra founded the Indian women’s and girls’ fashion label Biba Fashion. It features 225 multi-brand outlets in addition to more than 150 brand outlets. Indian fashion clothing company Biba is known for its designs for women and young girls. It has 250 multi-brand outlets and more than 150 stores in India. One of the most well-known ethnic brands in India is Biba.

4. Calvin Klein


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Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house. Its Midtown Manhattan headquarters are in New York City, and it initially entered India in 2007. (Ultram) It is a well-known brand with a sizable fan base and a celebrity favorite. It is a way of life as well as a clothing line. They sell garments and accessories for fashion.

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5. Fabindia


fashion brands in India 12

In 1960, John Bissell established the healthy Indian brand Fabindia. It offers a large variety of garments and is an expert in several traditional Indian crafts. In addition to selling clothing, Fabindia gives rural craftsmen a platform to interact with urban markets. To date, FabIndia has exported goods to more than 40 nations across five continents. Their products have a distinctive appearance since they are made of natural materials, many of which are sourced locally. They sell a wide variety of consumer goods together with garments and clothing-related items.

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