TOP 5 Biggest Fashion Trends 2023

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In terms of fashion, 2023 is the year we go large and bold. We’re moving towards our main character era, so we’ll be having fun with costumes. We might have different opinions about how to use color this year; will you choose a vibrant color or a gothic color scheme? However, we’re all still excited to try out greener alternatives, genderless apparel, and nostalgic trends. Here are the top five most important fashion trends for 2023.

Airy Style Fashion Trends

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In 2022, the ultra-feminine style had a bit of a comeback as more and more people chose to wear clothes with flowy fabrics and feminine shapes. Think Bridgerton, but with a modern flair. This trend is rooted in romance, with an aesthetic centered around soft pastel colors, sheer textiles (tulle, lace, and chiffon), and fantastical stories. According to the Pinterest Predicts 2023 research, based on an increase in searches from Gen Z and Millennials, everyone will be wearing lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer in 2023 fashion. Just two instances of this floaty fashion are the “sheer trouser ensemble” and “ruffle shirt for males.” No matter how you identify, it’s time to trade in your combat boots and biker jacket for ethereal details. This year, everyone will embrace the feminine.

Romcom Core

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All of us will be looking for the happy moment promised in the innumerable rom-coms we watched in the 1990s and 2000s in 2023. You decide whether to embody the chaotic Bridget Jones, the stylishly astute Andy Sachs, or the high-flying Kenya McQueen; just make sure you have your best Y2K and Noughties garms ready. According to Pinterest, “Generation Z and Millennials will romanticize their wardrobes in 2023 with slip dresses, tube shirts, cargos, and claw clips.” ‘ Prepare for a new take on the meet-cute that was popular in your favorite romantic comedies of the 2000s.

“Y2K fashion has been popular for some time. The major character energy that characterized the movie business in the 2000s is what people are now following, according to Pinterest, rather than just an aesthetic. That entails enhancing routine activities and making minor routines, like visits to the coffee shop, seem like a scene from their favorite rom-com. However, they’re the stars this time.

Sci-fi Fits Fashion Trends

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Designers at Ay Do Future-inspired clothing are making a significant impact on the runway thanks to our expanding digital reality (hello, metaverse) and our infatuation with the sci-fi genre in TV, movies, and video games. Designers are incorporating dystopian themes and thoughts on the future of contemporary society into their collections, drawing inspiration from these darker storylines for dramatic pieces with a modern edge (you won’t find any robotic armor or laser guns here).

The fashion of 2023 will be superior. According to Pinterest, searches for dystopian and futuristic clothing will increase as Gen Z and Millennials choose cyber streetwear, galaxy eyewear, and gamer girl looks. The way the digital future and cyber aesthetics work together has led to “sci-fi fits.” People are pushing the limits of fashion by drawing inspiration from sinister film dreams. This new fashion, which stands in stark contrast to the “dopamine dressing” craze from the previous year, is dark, somber, and dystopian.

Boudoir Dressing

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The “underwear as outerwear” piece is a trend that will last until 2022. As the name suggests, we will wear our underwear on the outside of our clothes every day. This includes everything from corsets and lingerie details to bralettes, thongs that show, and risqué sleepwear. According to Francesca Salih, a stylist and the creator of Style Grid, “This is pillow talk fashion.” ‘Bedroom dressing is going public. Soft silks, delicate lace trims, amorous ruffles, cut-out fabrics, and barely visible skin flashes. While the weather is still cool, expect to see nighties layered over turtlenecks and matched with jackets. Summer will see us stripping this down to the bare minimum.

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Fringe Fashion Trends

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Be careful with this one. In 2023, cowboys, flappers, and bohemian festival-goers may wear fringe, but it will also get a sophisticated makeover. This trend has been bubbling away for a while, making a splash throughout the summer and adding some unique textures to our party wear. However, this year it is receiving its own spotlight. From tiny embellishments along cuffs and hemlines to all-over full-fringe drama, the fringe will be visible everywhere.

“Fringe is having a moment,” says Francesca, pointing to Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, and Bottega Veneta as examples. Fringing can be as big or small as you want, and it’s a great way to add depth and movement.

By Soumyajit Dutta

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