Top 5 Asian Skin Characteristics

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Asian Skin

The demand for beauty has increased a lot in the Asian population. Asian people need to understand these Which separates the Asian skin from its Caucasian part. According to scientific research and studies that tell us Asian skin differs from other skin mean Asian skin tends to be lighter and thinner compared to east asian skin. In Asia, the skin tone is light brown to dark brown, and Asia Beauty is a 2015 studio album by Canadian Flutist(flutist) and it composes of Ron Korb. In this article, we will discuss the important characteristics of Asian skin some are given below.

1-Asian Skin is More Acne Prone

Unfortunately, the wind blow in Asia is a mixture of heat, humidity, and intensive UV radiations this wind increase the limit of pores in everyone’s skin as a result they cause increased oil production by the sebaceous gland, and the number of comedones is also increased. Ultraviolet can also increase and prevent skin inflammation. The natural barriers of the skin can be changed, such as bacteria which cause pores and make the skin more prone to acne and more prone to acne.

Asian skin 1


2-Asian Skin Contains More Melanin

In Asian skin pigment production, cells are more active if we increased cellular activity to form melanin pigmentation is easily formed in Asian skin with the same amount of ultraviolet radiation, this stimulation is also present in inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema or even external trauma to the skin. e.g. skin cosmetic lasers, chemical peels, etc. The pigmentation after swelling can continue for months and years which can destroy the lives of many people.

3-Asian skin is more sensitive

Large-scale population studies have proved that self-reported skin characteristics do not differ across ethnicities. However, adverse skin reaction to cosmetics appears to be significantly higher in Asians (33.0) than in Caucasian subjects (11.3) Retinol sensitivity is also higher in Asians than in cautions. Keep in mind when the doctor is treating you, then the doctor should know the condition of your skin very well. And then suitable treatment should be done.


Asian skin 2

4-Asian Skin Develops Scarring More Easily

Asian skin has a darker skin prototype (Fitzpatrick 3 or above )as compared to Caucasian skin. Studies have found that darker skin increases the risk of scar formation and Asian skin is characterized by increasing scar tissue formation and collagen deposition during wound alleviate. If the skin is darker type the body is to form a thicker scar

 5-Asian skin hyperpigmentation condition

In terms of aging Asian skin has more protective factors against ultraviolet radiation. As a result of this protection trait, a person’s skin becomes more pigmented. Like melasma, sunspots, and age spots, Apart from this, more acquired pigments are found in Asians. This photoprotection trait results in the skin developing pigmentation as the individual ages. Hyperpigmentation is also known by the name of acid-like vitamin C. It destroys the hyper pigment present on the skin and gums through de-pigmentation. Age spots, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are very important for them.

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