Top 5 Amazing Zendaya Outfits

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Zendaya, the young actress who has acted in many famous movies like Spiderman Far from Home, No Way Home, Dune and her most famous Netflix series Euphoria is not only a famous actress but also a very cool fashion model. She always looks classy in her clothes. She mixes both comfort and style very well. In this blog, I will show you the Top 5 Amazing Zendaya outfits she has worn in the past.

1. The Fancy Outfit:

Critics Choice Awards Zendaya outfits

At the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards, Zendaya wore a special outfit from Tom Ford. She wore a pink top with a long pink skirt. The top was very unique and very much looked like armor. This fancy look was a very brave choice for the red carpet. This shows that Zendaya is not afraid to do things differently.

Photo Credits: ELLE

2. Cool and Simple:


Casual Zendaya outfits

Zendaya’s casual look is also fancy just like her special occasion ones. She mostly wears loose jeans, white top and a denim jacket. This is a very simple and comfortable look which is very cool.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

3. In “Euphoria”:

Euphoria Zendaya outfits

As I talked about this before in the introduction one of Zendaya’s most famous Netflix series is Euphoria in which she played the character of “Rue“, her character’s clothes were very interesting. In first season she wore a shiny purple suit, this purple color fabric fits her character’s personality well.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

4. Paris-Like Beauty:

Paris Like Zendaya outfits

In 2019, Zendaya went to a party in Paris. She almost looked like a person from Paris when she wore her green dress. This dress was very fancy and pretty, and her natural makeup added to her beauty. This showed that she can be beautiful in many different styles.

Photo Credits: Harper’s BAZAAR

5. Easy Chic:

Easy Chic Zendaya outfits

In 2019, Zendaya went to a party in which she wore a black and white dress. She wore a black top with a big white skirt, with a ponytail and a strong makeup. She almost looked like a fashion queen. This shows that you can mix classic outfits with a modern touch.

Photo Credits: Daily Mail

Zendaya wears clothes that are not only stylish but also inspiring. She shows that fashion is all about showing who you are. There are many people who can copy her style because her clothes are easy to understand. Whether she is attending an event or just walking around, she always looks amazing.

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By Ali Hassan

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