Top 5 Alexandrite Jewelry for June Birthstone

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There is a birthstone for every month. While some months only have a single birthstone, others may have more than one. And June is one of those months, with pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone as its birthstones.

Alexandrite stone is a magical stone that is famous for its color-changing abilities.

Hold your horses. Did we just read it right? A gemstone that can change its color? How is that even possible?

Alexandrite Gemstone: What Is It?

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone and a form of the mineral chrysoberyl. It also has some traces of chromium, which causes the stone to change its color under different lighting.

Alexandrite Gemstone

You might even come across people describing this gemstone as ’emerald by day, ruby by night,’ and this alludes to the intriguing color-shifting characteristics of this gem. Exposure to incandescent or artificial light makes the gemstone appear red or purplish-red in color. On the contrary, it exhibits a beautiful green or blue-green hue under natural lighting.

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Other than its beautiful color-changing abilities, its impressive hardness ranking of 8.5 on the Mohs scale is another reason why people fall head over heels for this gemstone. No wonder people love to wear alexandrite jewelry. If you are a June born looking for alexandrite birthstone jewelry ideas, you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of a few jewelry items you should have in your collection if your birthstone is alexandrite!


Top Alexandrite Jewelry For June Borns

Gorgeous Alexandrite Earrings

Our ensemble is never complete without a pair of earrings, no matter their size. They add a finishing touch to our look. A pair of alexandrite earrings is your perfect companion if you want to accentuate your facial features and introduce a mesmerizing and magical touch to your appearance.

Gorgeous Alexandrite Earrings

Sporting these earrings for a day event will bring out the beautiful green in alexandrite, while the gleaming plum red hue will get the spotlight in the artificial lights during the night.

There is something special about alexandrite studs and dangle earrings. If you don’t have them yet, it is about time that you purchase one now.

Stunning Alexandrite Ring

A ring does not always have to be an engagement or wedding ring. It could be a ring that a friend gifted you, or your mother passed it down to you, anything with some symbolism. Not to forget that anyone who loves jewelry does not need a reason or occasion to get a ring for themself. Is that not right?

Stunning Alexandrite Ring

Since we are on the topic of rings, you should know that alexandrite rings are gaining popularity every passing day. Their popularity has everything to do with their remarkable hardness ranking (that is, 8.5 on the Mohs scale) and their fantastic color-shifting quality. You can wear an alexandrite ring without worrying about breaking them too easily. But that does mean you can be careless with it.

It would be great to have an alexandrite gemstone ring, as you can wear it for both day and night occasions and flaunt its charismatic colors.

Alluring Alexandrite Necklace

You might adorn your ears and fingers with jewelry, but leaving your neck bare is a big NO-NO. That’s where necklaces and pendants come into action. You can always add a touch of beauty and elegance to your overall look with a necklace.


Most ladies are drawn to necklaces featuring a gemstone. Adding alexandrite stone to a necklace can elevate its beauty by many folds! Not only will it accentuate your features, but it will also draw the attention of the people around you.

You get the best of both worlds with an alexandrite necklace, with its gorgeous green hues visible during the daytime and its mesmerizing red color that shines during the night!

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Bewitching Alexandrite Bracelet

You cannot help but wonder what kind of sorcery is at play when you look at an alexandrite gemstone. After all, it is easy to fall in love with this semi-precious gem, which shines vivid hues of green and purplish-red.

Just like other jewelry items, an alexandrite bracelet is something to consider having in your collection. Its fascinating colors and brilliance make it the perfect accessory to decorate your wrist.

Bewitching Alexandrite Bracelet

Whether you are hanging out with your friends, going to a family dinner party, attending an evening party, or out for drinks with your colleagues after work, this bracelet will definitely be the talk of the town!

Radiant Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Given its rarity, characteristics, and remarkable uniqueness, alexandrite makes a memorable and thoughtful present for your special loved one.

Summer Dresses

An alexandrite engagement ring is a perfect ring to surprise your significant other with, thanks to its incredible beauty and dual colors.

Moreover, did you know that the designated gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary is none other than alexandrite? What a lovely testament it makes for everlasting love!

Final Thoughts

When you wear a piece of alexandrite jewelry, you are not wearing just one jewelry but two, thanks to its color-shifting quality. As one of the birthstones of June, this rare gemstone is a must-have for all born in June.

Alexandrite is the perfect gemstone for you as it represents the unique and outgoing spirit of June borns. Whether you are looking for an alexandrite ring for yourself or a bracelet for your friend, the beauty of this gemstone will never let you down. So, what are you still doing here? Go and grab your alexandrite jewelry today!

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