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Sephora just restocked my favorite lipstick in almost all colors. They were sold out of almost all the lip shades of this lipstick and just restocked, so definitely grab it while you can! But basically, they have hyaluronic acid and oils to keep your lips super hydrated all day so both the consistency and colors are amazing. So without delay here are my top 3 lipstick shades for spring.

#1 Lipstick Shades 127:

Rouge Studio:

lipstick shades 1

The prettiest pink/red lipstick shades for spring! Somewhat milder than most strong red lip conceals so it functions admirably when you need even more of a shade yet something that actually feels unpretentious.

#2: Lipstick Shades 123:

 Nude Transparent:

lipstick shades 2
You can get this by visiting SephoraThe best ordinary naked! Complimenting on any complexion. Fixated!

#3 Lipstick Shades 124

Rose Loulou:

lipstick shades 3
You can get this by visiting Sephora

Soft, inconspicuous pink. Prettiest rose undercurrent for a delicate, ladylike dash of shading.

I would likely have purchased this only for the delightful bundling, however luckily I’m similarly as fixated on these lipstick haha.  – it continues very smooth and constructs truly lovely. So assuming you’re somebody who likes excellent shade , you will cherish this one!

lipstick shades 4

If you haven’t tried these lipsticks, I don’t even know how to describe them to you. Once you buy your first, you won’t be able to stop. It’s a medium coverage lipstick but buildable if you want a more pigmented color, but my favorite part is the hyaluronic acid and oils – by far the most moisturizing lipstick I’ve ever used so it keeps your lips soft and smooth all day. My favorites are this nude and this light pink. Has a subtle shine to it too.


Seriously fixated on the YSL lipsticks! On the off chance that you haven’t attempted it at this point, you will adore it. Prettiest lipstick shades and the quality is crazy – you won’t ever return! Connecting a couple of more excellent top choices beneath.

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