Korean Women Tops

These top 20 Korean fashion shirts for women are very unique and versatile in their approach. Korean designers always come up with something exciting and attractive, particularly in women’s fashion. This is why Korean women’s fashion is so popular even among international celebrities. Similarly, international music icons like Briteny Spears have also been wearing top Korean fashion tops.

Korean Models

On the other hand, many top brands like GUCCI also hire Korean fashion models as production ambassadors. As always, Our Fashion Passion offers you a unique and interesting reading experience. In this blog, I’ll disclose the top trending tops which Korean women love to wear on pants, pajamas, and jeans.

Korean Fashion

These south Korean trending tops are very appealing and sexy-looking. I am sure you will certainly like to try them once you know about them. Let’s now enjoy reading. Korean Fashion

Korean Bralette Shirt

There are different particular styles for the Korean bralette shirt. Women wear them with loose and transparent shirts. Similarly, one can wear them with jackets as well. However, Korean teenagers wear bralette shirts with jeans preferably. Additionally, you can wear them while going on a date or for dinner.

Bralette Korean Shirt

Korean Bustier Top

Korean women love long and high-bustier shirts. They often wear them with miniskirts. However, one can also wear them with tight jeans or shorts. Korean bustier shirts give you an extra height look. Therefore, you can wear them to look formal, decent, and gorgeous.


Bustier Korean Top

Cami Shirt in Korean Fashion

Although a cami shirt is pure summer season wear. Yet, we see women wear them in all seasons along with blazers. With jeans and high heels, cami tops give you a model-like look. Similarly, prefer high earnings and a pair of sunglasses with cami tops. It will add to your beautiful and gorgeous body look.

Cami Tops

Cardigan Crop Top

Cardigan crop tops always remain in trend everywhere. Korean teenagers love to wear them in autumn and winter mainly. Similarly, try it with a shoulder purse and open hairstyle. Additionally, if you are slim and smart, cardigan crop tops are a perfect match for you. However, always try them with a decent pair of jeans.

Cardigan Tops

Cold Shoulder Korean Shirt

In the summer and spring seasons, you should prefer cold shoulder tops for office going. Korean women, however, love to wear them anywhere and at any place. Therefore, one can wear them all the time and even wear something under the cold shoulder tops.

Cold Shoulder Shirts

Corset Korean Fashion Top

Corset Korean-style tops give you a dashing and bold look. Similarly, you look aggressive and elegant. Additionally, it is a perfect match for all sizes, heights, and ages. Corset tops are a perfect pick for street fashion as well. Actresses and models also love this particular style.

Corset Fashion Tops

Flare Sleeve V-Neck Shirt

Flare sleeves with a v-neck give you an innocent and stylish look. However, always choose bright and contrasting colors. If you want to look sexy and attractive try some sunglasses and pearls. Most Korean women adopt this lovely style in the summer season.

V-Neck Shirt

Floral Chiffon Off-Shoulder Top

Floral chiffon off-shoulder shirts are the all-time favorite and best fashion style among Korean women. In fact, they love this more than anything else in the summer and spring seasons.

Floral Chiffon Tops

Flounce Sleeve Shirt

With tight jeans of any decent colors, contrast sleeve tops make Korean teenagers look like baby dolls. Similarly, long flounce sleeve shirts with short pants and underwear give you the perfect sexy look. You can wear them during office work or visiting some parks and river bank places.

Flounce Sleeves

Frill Shirred Bardot Top

While going out with friends for coffee, lunch, or dinner date, choose frill shirred Bardot tops. If you have thick hips, it is just perfect for you with short pair of jeans. Like Korean women, you can even wear them on tight pajamas and leggings as well. This is a perfect pick for just enjoying the rainy summer season.

Frill Shirred Bardot Top

Halter Neck Chiffon Shirt

If you look as slim and smart as cute Korean girls, you must try halter neck chiffon tops. It gives you a decent and boss-like look as well. Similarly, when you go for any business trip or for official work, do try this lovely outfit.

Halter Neck Chiffon Shirt

Lace Collar Top

Again we have a formal and official choice. If you are a working woman or you have to attend the official meeting, pick a lace collar top for you. Normally, women who work as personal secretaries choose these shirts quite often and on regular basis. Therefore, if you are a professional, you must have some lace collar shirts in your wardrobe.

Lace Collar Top

Lantern Sleeve Shirt

If you like lantern sleeve tops, you can either choose long or short shirts for you. Similarly, these tops are a perfect fit choice for women of all ages. Additionally, you often see Korean actresses wearing lantern sleeve tops in movies and dramas.

Lantern Sleeve Shirt

Layered Ruffle Sleeves Top

Layered ruffle sleeves shirts are a perfect choice for attending various parties and functions. One can even pick them up while going for a job interview somewhere. On the other hand, like Korean women, you can go with layered ruffle sleeves for some photoshoots and styles.

Layered Ruffle Sleeves Top

One Shoulder Shirt

If you have a skinny skin look, just pick a one-shoulder top along with some simple earrings. Similarly, if you are going on a date or celebrating Valentine’s Day, just choose this lovely style.  Additionally, for the spring and summer seasons, teenagers prefer this style with some jeans, sunglasses, and hats.

One Shoulder Shirt

Puff Sleeve Top

Korean teenagers look like dolls with puff sleeve tops. Similarly, if you have a low or average height, these shirts are a perfect match for you. However, women with decent height and healthy bodies can also wear puff sleeve tops.

Puff Sleeves

Ribbon Tie Ruffle Blouse Korean Top

When we talk about Korean top trending tops, the ribbon tie ruffle blouse has a special place in it. Similarly, this particular shirt gives you a luxurious and gorgeous look. However, never forget to pick plain and bright color tops over contrasts and checks.

Ribbon Tie Ruffle Blouse Korean Top

Satin Blouse Shirt

Anything silky in a satin blouse top with decent but tight jeans gives you a dashing look on the streets. Tall Korean women often choose this particular style while going to the market for shopping. Similarly, one can pick this style for attending a night party or traveling somewhere.

Korean models

Tie-Hem Rib Knit Korean Style Top

When you choose denim pants with a tie-hem rib knit shirt, it gives you a perfect look. Korean women love this style very much. Hence they prefer it in the spring and autumn seasons. Similarly, they choose dark colors like red, brown or violet, etc. However one can choose the white color tie-hem rib knit shirt with blue jeans.

Tie-Hem Shirt

Korean Tulle Short Shirt

Like Korean teenagers, always wear tulle short shirts with jeans, tights, and pajamas. It will surely give you an attractive look. Similarly, choose chunky boots with some lovely dark pair of glasses to add more glamor to your sexy look.

Tulle Short Shirt

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