If you are passionate about Tattoos and want to know about them, you are in the right place. Our Fashion Passion forum has brought very interesting information about  “Top 20 Trending Tattoo Ideas In Fashion”. These trending ideas will definitely help you in choosing the best and ideal tattoo style for you. Before starting the reading about these 20 trending tattoo styles, I want to give you some background information. Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are actually body modifications that are done through inks, dyes, and pigmentation. Tattoos can be pictorial, symbolic, and decorative. Sports personalities, actors, actresses, models, athletes, and professionals love tattoo drawing. The tattoo fashion industry is ever-growing day by day. Let’s now read the Top 20 Trending Tattoo Styles in Fashion. Trending Tattoo Ideas

Angel Tattoo Ideas

Angel Tattoos are got drawn to commemorate the death of a loved one, show devotion, faith, etc. There are many different interpretations related to angle tattoos.  Supernaturalism and symbolism are the identities of these tattoos. However, angel tattoos also have connections with purity and spiritual development. Other attributes include protection and guidance. Angle tattoo lovers may need them to remind them that they are not alone. Angel Tattoo Ideas

Animal Tattoos

Getting an animal tattoo is a perfect idea if you are inspired by certain traits associated with certain animals. One may want a snake, wolf or a majestic elephant tattoo to be drawn. Similarly, there are many more options to choose from. Hence you can get drawn something unique. Always choose an expert artist to create meaningful work for you. Animal Tattoos

Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are chosen to represent the direction of ones’ life. Similarly, they also symbolize strength & power. It is associated with hunting and warriors as a means of defense. There are many design options and inks which you can choose. However, choose simple and decent colors which will give you a better look. Arrow Tattoos


Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos represent freedom, independence, and free will.   Most of us also want to have wings to fly with to some beautiful and flowery destinations. Therefore people prefer bird tattoos as their desired attributes and wishes. There are various new designs, shapes, colors, and sizes as per your choice. What you need is to choose a bird of your own choice and get it drawn on your body. Bird Tattoos

Compass Tattoos

The common reason for inking a compass tattoo is more than just a shape. Compass tattoos are often associated with a strong sense of direction, perseverance, and a love for travel. They vary, depending on your choice, and are an all-around option for a variety of body positions. Compass Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

In the Christian religion, people see these symbols as an integral part of their faith. Cross tattoos mainly represent Jesus Christ’s willingness to sacrifice for the good of humanity. There are several ways to interpret the cross tattoo. The drawings can be detailed and contain many different elements. Similarly, cross tattoos can be seen as simple two intersecting lines. Cross Tattoos


Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos represent the qualities of kings. They are associated with royalty. On the other hand, crown tattoos personify strength, glory, self-control, and a desire to get better. A Crown tattoo is a meaningful design to apply to the skin. Sometimes, couples like to get crown tattoos drawn on their body. Crown Tattoos

Feather Tattoos

Feathers are a popular tattoo option because of their associated meaning, variety of designs, and interpretations. Usually, traveling men and women love to feather tattoos on their bodies. Feather tattoos also represent certain cultures and cultural norms. Freedom and love for flying are also attributed to them. Feather Tattoos

Meaningful Tattoos

What is important to you with a meaningful tattoo can be completely different from others. In fact, this is the very beauty of getting a personal tattoo. One can represent his/her passion, love, tribute, ideology, and role model through meaningful tattoos. Similarly, it can be emotional, full of feelings, attachments, and sacrifice. Meaningful Tattoos


Money Tattoos

People who prefer money more than anything else, get money tattoos drawn on their bodies. Money tattoos represent wealth, profit, and success. They are an excellent choice for those who want to remind them of their aspirations to achieve financial goals. Sometimes money tattoos may reflect the power and control symbols. Money Tattoos

Music Tattoos

Music plays an important role in our lives and can inspire you, lift you up and inspire you. This is even true for those who play instruments or simply have a deep love and passion for music. Creativity is the limit when it comes to choosing a musical tattoo. You can have designs like musical instruments, singers, mike and lyrics. Music Tattoos

Name Tattoos

The decision to name someone on your skin says a lot about how you feel about that person. Having a name tattoo is a very personal matter, some choose a family name, and others celebrate a friendship or honor a loved one. No matter whose nickname you want, this piece will be unique and rare in choice. Name Tattoos


Phoenix Tattoos

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth. The mythical bird is associated with fire and the sun, periodically recovering and rising from the ashes. A phoenix tattoo will appeal to anyone who has had a hard time but survived to get stronger. This design works best when done with vibrant colors. You should choose such tattoos if you have got another chance in your life. Phoenix Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos

You can do it as a portrait tattoo to honor the memory of a loved one or celebrity who inspired you. Many ink artists have a particular style that specializes in them, and you should research them first before finding the right one for your particular design. Portrait Tattoos

Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpion tattoos have been a popular choice for men and women. They indicate fear and often serve as a warning to others. There are many ways to draw this dangerous creature, but the surreal version is the most intimidating. You can add different inks and colors of your own choice.


Scorpion Tattoos

Simple Tattoos

Simple tattoos attract and cause you to fall in love with them. They are so fresh and meaningful. The beauty of these tattoos is that they are uncomplicated, and focused on basic shapes and outlines. Simple tattoos use no colored inks and shadows. Simple tattoos are a great choice for more classic men and women. Simple Tattoos

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are attractive for a number of reasons and are becoming more and more popular. The nice thing about small things is that there are no restrictions on placement and you can attach them to your neck or fingers if you want. These designs also tend to be more understated, which can appeal to those who don’t want to hide or draw attention. Small Tattoos

Star Tattoos

Star tattoos always symbolize hope, leadership, and the opportunity to wish for better results. They make a sense for people to represent deep feelings about these celestial bodies. There are several interpretations of star tattoo designs. One of the most popular stars’ tattoo designs is the starfish tattoo. It often indicates a direction or ability to find a way home. Star Tattoos


Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos come in many variations from culture to culture but are united in very artistic interpretations. Initially, ancient tribes used symbols to indicate social status, protect their owners, or simply as a way to express themselves. These are best seen on the shoulders and arms. Tribal Tattoos

Word Tattoos

Tattoos with words or phrases are relatively simple. They are about style as well as words or phrases that could be the name of a loved one or an important place. What makes each of these parts unique is the font and size you choose. They range from commonly used options like Arial to quirky options like Calligraphy. Word Tattoos

Which one of these tattoos you would like to get drawn? Do tell me about your choice through your comments.

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