Top 20 Bra TypesWomen wear bras in all seasons and in all ages. Therefore, bras are a common and daily-based need for them. Our Fashion Passion platform brings you the Top 20 Bras Types in Trends for you. These Top 20 Bras are one of the everyday apparel accessories which women wear. However, improper size and fitting may cause some discomfort for them. Similarly, one can’t wear the same size bras all the time and on every occasion. Women need different types of bras for different occasions. Keeping in view, we have brought a very informative article on the Top 20 bras types for you. Our Fashion Passion is such a forum that always offers you a very informative reading experience. In addition to that, this blog will offer you some useful information regarding different types of bras. It is also suggested that choose bras for you as per your need and suitability. Let’s now read about Top 20 Bras.

1. Balconette or Balcony Bra

Choose Balconette Bra if you have broad shoulders and firmer breasts. Similarly, if you have small busts, always prefer this particular type of bra for you. For those women who want to give the push-up effect to their nipples, Balcony Bra is the best choice. Balconette Bra with less coverage and a full cup style gives you a very gorgeous look. Balconette or Balcony Bra

2. Bralette Bra Type

This particular type of bra will surely give comfort and support to your globes. Bralette Bra also helps in regaining the natural shape of knockers as there is no heavy padding in it. These types of bras are wire-free and you can use them on regular basis. Bralette Bra is one of the women’s favorite bras, particularly during the summer season. Bralette Bra Type

3. Bridal Type of Bra

Every woman wishes to have a sensational and attractive look at her wedding. Bridal Bras are mainly for wedding women. Similarly, you can also wear them if you are attending your friend’s wedding. Bridal Bras contain lightweight with some soft fabric touch. It gives you a royal look on the wedding day and enhances your orbs’ look. Bridal Type of Bra


4. Cage Bra Type

There is very little difference between Cage Bra and Regular Bra. They almost look the same. However, Cage Bra has a strappy or cage-like design. It has sheer or lace-like fabric all over, covering the cups and cage. With a T-shirt and jeans, Cage Bra gives you a perfect fitting look. Usually, these types of bras give you a comfortable fit and perfect shape for your bristols. Cage Bra Type

5. Full-Figure Bra

If you have large melons, choose Full-Figure Bras for you. It will give your boobs the maximum support with comfort and relaxation. These bras always have molded and padded cups. Along with that Full-Figure Bra gives you wider but comfortable straps, an increased hook as well as eye closures. Full-Figure Bra

6. Halter Type of Bra

When you feel any pain in your shoulders, use Halter Bras always. These will certainly remove your pain and give you complete comfort. If you are tall enough and want to give your nipples a bolder look, must try Halter Bra. There are several different designs available in Halter Design. You can choose any of your own choices including lace, mesh, low back, and backless. Halter Type of Bra


7. Minimizer Bra Type

This type of bra is actually the opposite of the Push-up Bra. Minimizer Bra gives your large and long breasts, a natural, fit, and slim look. However, it doesn’t create any discomfort at all. These bras give you a feminizer look by narrowing down your shoulder. If you are overweight and average in height, choose Minimizer Bra for you. Minimizer Bra Type

8. Multi-way Bra

The multi-way Bra has removable straps. You can wear this type of bra in a number of different ways to get the perfect look. Multi-way Bra provides you the support that you wish for. You can wear a Multi-way Bra either with one, two, or even no straps at all. Similarly, whether you are tall enough or average in height, it doesn’t matter with a Multi-way Bra. Multi-way Bra

9. Nursing Type of Bra

This particular design of bras is only for married women. A mother who feeds their babies needs to have Nursing Bras. Similarly, any pregnant woman can also have this type of bra. The Nursing Bra is very supportive of your nipples. It is quite different from the regular bra. A nursing Bra has a padlock that easily and quickly exposes the nipples for feeding your baby. Nursing Type of Bra


10. Padded Bra

Usually, women with small busts prefer to wear Padded Bras. Similarly, if you want to improve and increase the size of your small boobs, you must have these bras. A padded Bra gives you a rounded and plentiful as well as natural look to your breasts. You can wear them on regular basis as well. A padded Bra slows fluids circulation in the breast tissue. This type of bra also presses the breasts against the chest to enlarge the size naturally. Padded Bra

11. Plunge Bra Type

Plunge Bras always give you slim, smart, and younger exposure to your chest. Although these bras cover less area yet, they are very supportive and balanced. These V-shaped bras bring your busts closer to each other. Usually, over-weight and fatty women like this particular style of bra. However tall and average height women can also use them equally.

12. Push-up Bra

Always prefer Push-up Bra if you have sagging nipples. This type of bra has a specific design to lift the breasts up and enhance their cleavage. A push-up bra uses support enhancers such as foam pads along with bra cups. The pads used in the rest of the push-up bras are at the bottom. These pads actually keep pushing your bust inwards to keep your chest comfortable enough. Push-up Bra


13. Racer-back Bra Type

Women who are overweight and have large bosoms prefer Racer-back Bra. Having said this, Racer-back Bra is a perfect fit for all ages and sizes. However, this type of bra is mainly ideal for the winter and autumn seasons. Similarly, for many women, Racer-back Bra may not be the ideal one in the summer and spring seasons. Racer-back Bra Type

14. Sports Bra

When you go out for some gym, running, yoga, cycling, and exercise you need Sports Bra. This particular bra has a specific fabric that absorbs your sweat during extra physical work. Normally, athletes and sports-playing women choose Sports Bra. However, all sorts of professional women can have this type of bra. Additionally, one can wear them in any season. sports Bra Type

15. Stick-on Bra Type

Stick-on Bras are strapless, suspender, polka dot, and backless bras. They will not act as a standard push-up bra. These bras are in trend these days. However, from a health point of view, Stick-on bras have some possible side effects. They may cause skin irritation, rashes, blistering, and allergies.  Similarly, Stick-on Bras are not so friendly for sensitive skins. Sometimes, they may even cause you some pain while taking off.


16. Strapless Bra Type

If you want to relax your shoulders and busts you should try a strapless bra. Additionally, if your skin is sensitive and you want to avoid any rashes, a Strapless bra is the best choice for you. Always select the strict fitting size while buying this type of bra. As it has no straps, therefore it will not get too loose to fall down and cause any problems for you. Strapless Bra Type

17. Transparent Bra Type

Well, a transparent Bra doesn’t mean that everything is transparent. Rather some of its parts are transparent. These bras are very lightweight and quite comfortable during the hot summer season. Similarly, one can wear them while sleeping. Additionally, these bras prevent your boobs from getting saggy. Transparent Bra Type

18. T-shirt Bra Type

T-Shirt bras are also called seamless and molded bras. They are quite famous and common because they disappear while wearing shirts over them. Similarly, women like them due to the versatility of T-shirt bras. These bras are the best choice for daily use because they are invisible. T-shirt Bra Type


19. Tube Bra Type

Tube Bras are made with stretchable fabrics. They are easy to wear. Tube Bras always give you a better hold not only from the top but from the bottom as well. These bras give you a perfect fit look and protect your chest during the winter season. However, always choose better-quality brands as rubber-made bras can cause allergies. Tube Bra Type

20. Underwire Type of Bra

These bras give you perfect shape and exposure to your outlook. However, Underwire Bras are not ideal for heavy and oversized nipples. They may block the flow of lymph fluid which can cause some serious problems. Therefore if your busts are oversized avoid them. Similarly, if you have smart and slim breasts, Underwire Bras are excellent for you. Underwire Type of Bra

Which of these bras are your favorite and you do want to have them in your wardrobe? Do let me know by submitting your comments.

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