Top 16 Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2022


Fashion blogging is a whole new ball game, especially in the digital era we are living in and social media platforms like Instagram are the largest source to redirect traffic toward fashion brands. Such platforms have made it pretty easy for fashion brands to reach out to the target audiences through fashion bloggers.

Many fashion bloggers in the fashion industry stand out prominently and in this blog, we are sharing about them all. If you haven’t reached out to them yet for your brand marketing campaigns, then it’s high time to reach out to them.

famous fashion bloggers of 2022
Top Fashion Bloggers List of 2022

1. Gabi Gregg

Niche: Plus Size Women

Gabi Gregg is one of the top fashion bloggers and she mainly targets plus-size women and promotes body positivity. She possesses a stylish, and vibrant personality, and her outfits are full of life just like her. Also, she has her clothing line called Premme for plus-size women. Gregg started blogging decades ago and has collaborated with playful promises, swimsuits, and many more.

Gabi Greggs Blog

Gabi Greggs Instagram

Instagram of Gabi Gregg


2. Emma Hill

Niche: Minimal Fashion Style, High Street Fashion

Emma Hill is another prominent name in fashion blogging, she is a UK blogger who shares the latest clothing trends and processes with her followers. Hill’s target audience loves minimal and high street fashion. She has collaborated with many famous brands extensively including Gap, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, and others.

Emma Hill Instagram

Instagram of Emma Hill

3. Mariano Di Vaio

Niche: Latest Men fashion trends

Mariano Di Vaio is another big name in fashion blogging, and he targets men fashion enthusiasts. He is not only a blogger but also a fashion designer as well as an actor. He is originally from Italy and has worked for many famous brands including Hugo, Dolce & Gabbana, and Calvin Klein, as an MD of Marketing. Di Vaio has also founded lines of MDV Jewels, eyewear, as well as shoes. Also, he is working on his first book which will launch very soon.

Mariano Di Vaio Instagram

Instagram of Mariano Di Vaio

4. Cole Sprouse

Niche: Men’s Formal suits and street style


Almost all the men’s formal suits lovers follow him. Sprouse is a well-known fashion and lifestyle influencer on Instagram. He is also famous for his acting and photography skills. If you are a Disney movie lover then you must have watched his famous performances in Disney’s Riverdale and The Suite of Zack and Cody. In the year 2018, he was awarded as an emerging style icon.

Cole Sprouse Instagram

Instagram of Cole Sprouse

5. Karen Wazen Bakhazi

Niche: Style Blogger, Mom Blogger

Karen is a well-known Dubai-based fashion influencer, owner of an eyewear brand called Karen Wazen Eyewear, and an investor at an investment company named KE Partners. She is a big star, especially in the Arab region and a lot of women-style enthusiasts follow her. Many top publications of fashion, including Grazia Fashion Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia has featured her.

Karen Wazen Bakhazi Instagram

Instagram of Karen Wazen Bakhazi

6. Caroline Daur

Niche: Street Style Fashion

Daur is a Germany-based fashion influencer and has worked with top fashion houses, including Valentino, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and others. If you are a fan of street style fashion then you should follow her.


Caroline Daur Instagram:

Instagram of Caroline Daur

7. Leonie Hanne

Niche: Luxury Fashion and Street Style Fashion

Hanne is one of the top fashion bloggers and is noted for her global style. She is from Germany and her style has been recognized globally. Hanne was declared the most sought-after voice in the fashion industry by official Arabia.

Leonie Hanne Instagram

Instagram of Leonie Hanne

8. Danielle Bernstein

Niche: New York Street Style Fashion

Danielle Bernstein is the founder of the company Weworethat, Danielle Bernstein Collection, and MOE Assist (project assist tool). Bernstein is also an author and famous fashion blogger. Her niche is New York street style and has been included on Forbes 30 under 20 lists Also, she has worked with various fashion businesses.


Danielle Bernstein Instagram

Instagram of Danielle Bernstein

9. Chriselle Lim

Niche: Street Style Fashion, Travel Blogger, Mom Blogger

Chriselle Lim is a fashion blogger, stylist, and founder of the Chriselle Factor, child care center Bümo, and beauty brand PHLUR. Lim has worked with various famous fashion brands, including Tiffany & Co., Coach, Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Rebecca Minkoff, and others.

Chriselle Lim Instagram

Instagram of Chriselle Lim

10. Wendy Nguyen

Niche: Fashion blogger, Mom blogger

Wendy Nguyen is a fashion blogger with a passion for people, art, culture, and music. She is a psychology grad of UCLA and works towards helping foster child as she has been one and understand the struggle. Nguyen strongly believes that we all can cope with almost everything that life throws up on us. She is truly an inspiration to many people.


Wendy Nguyen Instagram

Wendy Nguyen Blog

Instagram of Wendy Nguyen

11. Lyn Slater

Niche: Fashion for the 50s and 60s

Lyn Slater is a true star, she is catering to the fashion needs of people who are in their 50s or 60s. Her style is unique and the world needs more of that. She inspires people that age is just a variable and the fan club couldn’t be more grateful.

Lyn Slater Blog

Lyn Slater Instagram 

Instagram of Lyn Slater

12. Chiara Ferragni

Niche: Generic Fashion and Jewels, Mom blog

Chiara Ferragni is a businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and blogger. Ferragni got listed #1 on the Forbes list of top fashion influencers in the year 2017. She is a founder of the clothing brand Chiara Ferragni Brand and also has worked with many fashion and cosmetic brands. Ferrangi’s blog is full of colors, fashion inspiration, positivity, and a lot more. You should definitely follow this beautiful and stylish mama!


Chiara Ferragni Instagram

Chiara Ferrangi blog

Instagram of Chiara Ferragni

13. Camila Coelho

Niche: street style fashion, makeup, and mom blogger

Camila Coelho is a fashion designer and has collaborated with big names in the fashion industry such as Dior, Tory Burch, and others. She has founded makeup brand Elaluz and clothing brand Camila Coelho Collection. Also, Coelho is a Los Angeles-based influencer, originally from Brazil, and is one of the unique fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Camila Coelho Instagram

Instagram of Camila Coelho

14. Lauren Conrad

Niche: Ethical Fashion Products and Looks

Lauren Conrad is a fashion designer, style influencer, author, and entrepreneur. She is a founder of a fragrance brand called Loved by Lauren Conrad, a baby goods line called Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, a lifestyle brand called LC Lauren Conrad and a nonprofit organization called the little market that empowers underserved communities. Conrad has collaborated with Kohls for the production of her brand own brand and she also owns a marketing agency paper crown. To be honest, her work is so much inspiring!


Lauren Conrad Instagram

Instagram of Lauren Conrad

15. Aimee Song

Niche: Street Style Fashion, Mom Blogger

Aimee Song is an American-based Interior Architecture designer, Author, entrepreneur, and fashion blogger. Song has worked as a fashion influencer for prestigious brands in the fashion industry such as Laura Mercier, Chloe, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Dior, and Revolve. Also, she has worked with Levi’s, True Religion, Biossance, and more.

Aimee Song Instagram

Instagram of Aimee Song

16. Negin Mirsalehi

Niche: Street Style Fashion, Mom Blogger

Negin Mirsalehi is also one of the top Fashion Bloggers and YouTubers. She is also the founder of a Bee-powered haircare line called Gisuo. Mirsalehi was also named one of Forbes 30 under 30.


Negin Mirsalehi Instagram

Instagram of Negin Mirsalehi

Highest Paid Fashion Bloggers in 2022

Chiara Ferragni is the highest-paid fashion blogger in the year 2022. She has an average income of 205k USD every month. Since 2009, she has been running her blog the blonde salad and with the help of social media platforms, she currently has over 27.1 Million followers on her Instagram account.

Who Is Your All-Time Favorite Fashion Bloggers?

fashion bloggers 2022
Fashion Blogger 2022

If you know more fashion bloggers that are contributing to the fashion industry and inspired you, be it a micro-blogger or macro blogger, share their blog link in the comment section below. We would love to feature them in the upcoming blogs.

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