In the world of fashion, jewelry stones have always high regard. Fashion jewelry without stones looks blurred and insignificant. Similarly, gemstones have their own importance in a number of ways. Similarly, they have an association with divine and eternal powers. Gemstones are the source of new hope, energy, love, a new beginning, beauty, style, luck, etc. Additionally, we find the love of humans with stones for all ages. The use of stones in jewelry in various ancient civilizations of the world witnesses itself our affection. Similarly, humans included different precious stones as part of their fashion and celebrations. In this blog, I have selected the following top 15 gemstones. They are very common and are being used in today’s modern fashion in jewelry.

1. Amazonite Gemstone:

This green color stone is also known as “Amazon Stone” is named after the courageous female warriors of Amazon. Amazonite gemstone is used in bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Amazon Stone is considered a sign of courage and bravery. Hence women, in particular, like it as part of their fashion jewelry. Amazonite Gemstone

2. Aquamarine Gemstone:

Aquamarine is a gemstone for purifying the soul and body. This gemstone has two distinct colors (light-blue & sea-green) with a transparent and crystal look. Aquamarine gemstone is quite common in today’s fashion jewelry. It is very much popular due to its shiny look. This lovely gemstone looks like a diamond and hence many people hardly differentiate between a diamond and aquamarine. Aquamarine Gemstone


3. Amethyst Gemstone:

This purple-colored gemstone is very commonly used in all sorts of fashion jewelry due to its loveliness and is much liked by women as part of their rings and earrings. Women who are born in February like this stone and consider it as a birthstone or a new-age gemstone.

Amethyst Gemstone

4. Citrine Gemstone:

Considered as a birthstone for the month of November this yellow or orange color crystal stone is found very common in different designs of fashion jewelry. Citrine is considered as a stone of joy, prosperity, wealth, success, wonder, and delight which is why women love to have bracelets and rings of Citrine Gemstone.  Citrine Gemstone

5. Coral Gemstone:

Considered as fit for skin repair, this red color gemstone is considered lucky enough for business, good luck, and debt paying. This lovely stone is found in coral islands under seawater. Mostly rings and bracelets made up of Coral Gemstone are preferred in fashion jewelry.  Coral Gemstone

6. Diamond Gemstone:

We all know that diamond is one of the most expensive precious metals. Diamond has many colors but white diamond is most common in fashion jewelry. It is the symbol of high regard, character, nobility, peace, prosperity, love, and affection. Diamond is the royal gemstone. Additionally, it suits people who have Libra & Virgo as zodiac signs. Diamond Gemstone

7. Emerald Gemstone:

This green color gemstone is also very much expensive due to having high emotional and physical healing powers. It is the Emerald Gemstone that brings wisdom, prosperity, creativity, and passion to the lives of those who wear it. Men and women like to wear rings made from this stone.  Emerald Gemstone

8. Garnet Gemstone:

People who serve and live for others wear this highly spiritual stone which lots of color variations. Garnet Gemstone is the birthstone for those people who are born in the month of January. This gemstone is very common in fashion jewelry. Usually, aged women like Garnet stone jewelry.  Garnet Gemstone

9. Jade Gemstone:

Jewelry developers and ornaments makers love to have Jade Gemstone as part of their fashion designs. It attracts customers due to its glittering look. Jade gemstone is a very lucky stone. Women also love to wear Jade due to its positive impacts on health, wealth, and love. Similarly, they like to wear this green stone as earrings, rings, and bracelets.  Jade Gemstone

10. Kunzite Gemstone:

This light pink and purple as well as the rosy stone is basically an evening stone. Usually, it fades away in bright light. Women wear Kunzite Gemstone to release anger or tension and seek peace and tranquility. They prefer it as part of their fashion jewelry and often wear it during evening parties. Kunzite Gemstone

11. Moonstone Gemstone:

This stone is a perfect stone for any new beginning. Moonstone brings inner strength and emotional stability as well as peace and calmness. Women like Moonstone Gemstone fashion jewelry very much. Because of its moon-like look, this gemstone is ideal for love and a new beginning of relations.  Moonstone Gemstone

12. Onyx Gemstone:

This gemstone has many color variations. However black and grey colors are quite common in fashion jewelry. Onyx gemstone is perfect for self-control, and protection against negative energy. It improves willpower and helps in focusing the tough life situations. Additionally, brave and bold women like to wear this lovely gemstone.  Onyx Gemstone

13. Pearl Gemstone:

With no negative effects, the pearl is one of the best gemstones. It brings peace, courage, calmness, and confidence among its wearers. For women, pearl brings facial charm, beauty, and fame that is why they love fashion jewelry made up of Pearl Gemstone. Although, the pearl is very rare it is something that is very special for women.  Pearl Gemstone

14. Rose Quartz Gemstone:

This rosy, soft, and light pink-colored stone is the sign of strong and unconditional love. Rose quartz reflects emotions, relationships, inspiration, and commitment. Similarly, this Gemstone is a common gift fashion jewelry for Valentine’s Day. People also gift it in marriage, Engagement, and the start of liking someone. Rose Quartz Gemstone

15. Ruby Gemstone:

This is my favorite gemstone. Ruby is the most famous and fabled stone all over the world. This red-colored stone is the stone for recharge, energy, sensation, vitality, positive thoughts, and strength. Ruby is without any doubt the king of all gemstones. This is why men and women equally like fashion jewelry made with Ruby Gemstone.  Ruby Gemstone


Gemstone Fashion Jewelry is an art that has hidden meaning and secret indications. Women particularly love to wear this type of fashion jewelry however they most of the time remain unaware of its importance, value, and beauty. Hence women should know about certain gemstones before wearing them.

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