Human fashion is as old as human civilization yet modern-day fashion and vogue styles were mostly trended down in the 20th century. From then to today this trend of adapting new fashion styles has been rapidly changing and expanding particularly due to digital accessibility and e-commerce and trade. TRENDING FASHION STYLESAs a result of it, fashion has developed its own culture and identity where we can say that any particular fashion style is no more restricted to any specific region or part of the world rather it has created its universality. TRENDING FASHION STYLESToday fashion has created an inclusive but diverse culture of styles which in a way has given us a common identity. In this blog, I have selected “Top 15 Women Trending Fashion Styles” as per my own research and choice. I hope that you would love and enjoy this blog as well as appreciate my choice of trending fashion styles. Let’s read it down. TRENDING FASHION STYLES

1. Vintage Fashion Style

Mainly vintage reflects the past and old fashion style of clothing. Research suggests that vintage fashion style is such style which is about 20 to 100 years old. Similarly, fashion designers refurbish the old designs with some new and creative ideas in vintage fashion style. Poodle skirts, Tied T-shirts, Vests, classy goggles, head caps, etc. are very common types of this style.

Vintage Fashion Style

2. Sloane Ranger Fashion Style

This fashion style is quite similar to the preppy style. The blue color is the hot favorite color in “Sloane Ranger Fashion Style.” It also includes Gucci shoes, Hermes scarves, pleated skirts, floral prints, blazers, slacks, pearls, etc. Whereas, Princess Diana had been adopting this fashion style on certain formal and casual occasions.

Sloane Ranger Fashion Style

3. Rocker Chic Fashion Style

Leather is very obvious in “Rocker Chic Fashion Style”. Research shows that people often use the skinny type of jeans and pants in this type of fashion style. However, messy jewelry, hairstyle, and blackish makeup are identifications of this particular fashion style. Rocker Chic Fashion Style

4. Parisian Fashion Style

Usually, handmade things are in demand in the Parisian Fashion Style. France (Paris) is the pioneer and originator of this particular style. additionally, leggings, white and silky blouses, sandals, low heels, flats, and long coats are the identities of this fashion style. It is named after Paris city.  Parisian Fashion Style

5. Nautical Fashion Style

This classy style has simple and unique casual things as part of it. Nautical Fashion Style prefers light colors. Similarly, long and striped sleeves, little navy blue caps, neck scarves, loafers, waist-length coats, and bright outfits are part of it. Usually, this fashion style is for having a sailing trip for fishing and ocean sightings. Nautical Fashion Style

6. Modest Fashion Style

Other than the religious perspective, the Modest Fashion style is usually adopted during the extreme winter season. In order to have less body and skin exposure, women wear out lesser skin and body-exposing clothes. However, it is due to a number of reasons including religious, spiritual, personal, or seasonal requirements. This fashion style mainly prefers loose and lightweight fabrics, long jackets, and scarves.

7. Ivy League Fashion Style

You must have seen school and college students with some natural fabrics and footwear styles. In this very fashion style, students in order to have some collegiate twist, wear skirts, slacks, sweaters, long socks, trendy loafers, etc. As per research, the USA is regarded as the originator of the Ivy League Fashion Style.  Ivy League Fashion Style


8. Hippie Fashion Style

Hippie is one of the street fashion styles that started in California (San Francisco) USA. Teenagers usually prefer the Hippie Fashion Style in terms of having long and flowing hair. Similarly, bell-bottomed jeans, loose earrings, full skirts, and headbands are part of the hippie fashion style. Hippie Fashion Style

9. Glamorous Fashion Style

When you see someone with dazzling catchy style, evening gowns, sizzling party dresses, and twinkling jewelry, you actually see “Glamorous Fashion Style”. This is a very versatile style. Similarly, it has glamming outlooks, free and sexy outfit styles, and long panties. Additionally, high boots, precious watches, and gorgeous color contrasts are part of it. On the other hand, smart goggles, shiny stones, and diamond-made earrings are glamorous fashion styles.

Glamorous Fashion Style

10. Gamine Fashion Style

Haven’t you seen someone with gentle, sweet, innocent, lovely, simple, romantic, and charming individuals? They are Gamine fashioners. This style of fashion has a very simple and innocent appeal having a round-cut hairstyle, airy clothes, small purses, high heels, pants, etc. Gamine Fashion Style

11. Flapper Fashion Style

The literature review suggests that “Flapper Fashion Style” is very much open in its approach. Usually, short skirts, sleeveless, high heels, taboo styles, lots of cosmetics with short hairstyles, and loose shirts are preferred.

Flapper Fashion Style

12. Equestrian Fashion Style

One of the most common identities of the Equestrian Fashion Style is the long leather-made boots. It is a bit like cowboys in style. Skinny jeans and round and flipped hats are part of this style. However, leathery jackets are also part of this particular fashion style. On the other hand, another common identity that of horse riders’ dressing and get-up. The same things along with neck round scarfs, mufflers, and some earrings are part of modern-day “Equestrian Fashion Style”. Equestrian Fashion Style

13. Cottage Core Fashion Style

Unlike the urban world of fashion and style Cottage Core is actually a rural lifestyle-based fashion style. Usually, hand-made designs are in trend in this particular fashion style. Bright and natural color fabrics along with round hats as well as breezy frocks are part of it. In bright, pleasant, and sunny weather of the spring and summer season, this style is adopted.

14. Bogan Fashion Style

Australia is considered the originator of the “Bogan Fashion Style”. Usually jeans and checked T-shirts along with curly or flat but open hairstyle, joggers, flatters, and wristwatches are part of this modern-day style.


Bogan Fashion Style

15. Art Hoe Fashion Style

This particular style is mainly concerned with art-related creativities and activities. Artistic touch is also part of fabrics and another wearing. Paintings, colors, fabrication, cosmetics, symbols, signs, and other unique identities are artistically represented through Art Hoe Fashion Style. People often adopt this particular fashion style during certain movements, gatherings, concerts, seminars, etc.  Art Hoe Fashion Style

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