Beautiful Nails Ideas

Women always look busy beautifying their nails with new ideas, designs, and artistic styles. Similarly, they visit beauty saloons and parlor houses for their nails decoration. Things just do not end here rather models, actresses, hostesses, businesswomen, and other professional women spend a handsome amount on nails.

Therefore, I have brought this sensational blog for nails design lovers women. These top 15 trending beautiful nails ideas and designs are based on expert advice. I had visited a beauty salon’s owner lady a couple of days ago. On the basis of discussion with her, I have selected the following top trending designs. Let’s now cut the introduction and read them one by one. Nails Polish

Abstract Nails Ideas

These nails ideas are very much on trend at the moment. Women often like them very much in the normal routine and at home on their own. One can choose any nail polish color for abstract nails design. However, red, pink, black, and blue colors have great demand as compared to other colors. Similarly, one can use any combination of colors, shapes, designs, and textures. Yet, plain designs with one color look prominent and more attractive. These nail designs are often edgy and bright-looking.

Abstract Nails Ideas

Monochromatic Nails Design

This particular nails design consists of some simple ideas. Usually, women choose one particular color but in different shapes and looks. This type of beautiful nail idea is becoming so popular day by day. Similarly, women of all ages love monochromatic nails design very much. Additionally, you may have seen young girls with monochromatic nail designs on different social media platforms. monochromatic nails

Dot to Dot Nails Design

Another name for Dot to Dot nails design is the Polka Dots. In this design women first of all set base or foundation with any particular color choice. Later on, they mark small but round dots with different colors which they like. There is no limit to ideas and designs. In fact, every day we see new art and designs. polka dots are very high in trends of beautiful nails. Polka Dot Nails


Punk Nails Art Designs

Adult workers or porn industry actresses love punk nails designs. Similarly, they choose dark color patterns and black is the hot favorite color choice for them. However, teenagers too draw some punk-like patterns on their nails.  These specific punk nails patterns give a rebellious and chaotic look. Similarly, rebellious and comrade types of social and political worker women often chose punk nails art designs. Punk Nails Design

Painterly Printed Nails Designs

This particular type of printed nails design is so famous and in trend these days. Normally, we see printed designs that women apply or paste on their nails. Similarly, transparent and bright paint colors are the core use of this new and artistic nails design. However, this is a bit tough high skills demand work. Hence parlor and saloon workers are quite fit for this technical and artistic design. 

Animals Printed Nails Ideas

If you love different animals’ prints on your nails, you must try zebra, lion, and other animal print colors. Similarly, women love buffer flies and other cute insects to be drawn on their beautiful nails. Animals have great patterns of natural colors. Therefore, they give an amazing idea, shape, and artistic look to your nails. This is why animal-printed nails are so trendy these days. Animal Printed Nails


Wavy Patterned Nails Designs

In the modern-day fashion world, young women love to have wavy patterned nails. They draw different wave patterns and give them a glowing touch. At night and in light this nail’s design looks very attractive and quite stylish. This is why women chose wavy patterns during night parties and celebrations. However, chose nail polish as per fitting your dress color. Wavy Patterned Nails

Foiled Nails Art

Do you want glamorous and gorgeous nails art? If yes, then chose a foiled nails design. It has charm, glow, foil, and a dashing look. However, chose some glittering and shadowy colors. Similarly, you can apply multicolor and even draw different patterns with different colors. Foiled nails design is the hot favorite pick for going on a date or on a dinner party. Foiled Nails Design

Watercolor nails Designs

It’s true that women look crazy about watercolor nails designs. They love them and that is why these artistic designs are a hot favorite among every age of women. This design has a water-like color choice and usually, we see blue and white colors combination. In fact, this is why it is called a watercolor nails design. Therefore, choose sky blue and light white and experience the magic of this lovely nail artwork. Watercolor Nails


3D Nails Ideas

3D nails designs are in high trend at the moment. Particularly, young college and school girls love these designs very much. Similarly, teenagers come up with some unique and new ideas every day. From flowers to birds and stars to curious creatures you will find everything in 3D nails artwork. However, roses and other flowers are very common and choices of every second girl. On the other hand, in 3D nails designs, you find very bright and heavy colors choice. These particular nails are the most common choice for Valentine’s Day as well.  3D Nails

Geometric Shapes Nails Art

In this type of nails designs, there are creative geometric shapes designs. The beautiful nails artwork reflects, triangles, squares, circles, and angular designs. Similarly, there can be different colors with different shapes on one hand’s five nails. Additionally, one can be as much creative and artistic as she can. There are no boundaries and barriers of color and design choices in geometric nails shapes. Geometric Nails Shapes

Segmented Nails Designs

When you give different colors some segmented look on your nails, it looks so amazing. Women try to create some smart and unique design patterns and great artistic skills. Similarly, segmented nails have incredible look due to certain blocking patterns. Additionally, they provide a rearranging look and mysterious patterns. These nails give some special indications. This is why we find them in trends everywhere.  Segmented Nails Designs


Glittery nails Ideas

Nails with some diamond crystals that look glowing and shining are the pick of party women. Young girls and teenagers love reflecting nail polish. Similarly, glittering nails are the first choice of blond girls and Victoria’s Secret Models. You can choose any color for glittery nails. However, go with pink, light, and creamy colors. They will give you a gorgeous and amazing look as ever.  Glittery Nails

Bridal Nails Art

Brides try to never miss attractive and sexy-looking nails design. They choose matching color nails for their dress. Similarly, the bride’s close friends and girls have the same bridal nails designs on a very special day. Usually, we see pink, white, red, and white colors as choices for bridal nails design. However artistic skills give them unique and creative patterns. This gives nails a new and stylish look.    Bridal Nails

Fruity Nails Ideas

Women who are fond of fruits and love to eat different fruits, like fruity nails ideas and designs. There can be different and multiple fruits choice for nails designs. This artistic design is also high in demand and trending at the moment. Therefore you can have this lovely and amazing design if you love fruits and their colors.  Fruity Nails Design


Which of these beautiful nails ideas do you like? Do let me know through your comments.

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