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As always, the “Our Fashion Passion” platform has brought some sensational information for you. Yes! We are going to disclose the “Top 15 Leading Makeup Brands 2022” for you. These 15 brands are producing world-class products as per your needs. Famous celebrities and actresses use these brands globally. In this blog article, we have selected the cosmetics brands as per their quality of production.

You will have a diverse experience with cosmetics after reading this blog. Therefore, we don’t want to waste your time. So here are the Top 15 Leading Makeup Brands 2022, for you. Do read them all and choose your favorite brands. Do keep in mind that Victoria’s Secret Models and other A+ category models prefer these top 15 leading brands. Makeup Brands

Bobbi Brown Makeup Brand

This is an American-based cosmetics and skincare Brands Company. Bobbi Brown has all the important productions for luxurious makeup and face get-ups. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a world-level prestige beauty brand. It offers lots of confidence among women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty. This brand gives you an all-around and perfect look to your glowing face and beauty. Bobbi Brown Makeup Brand

Chanel Makeup Brand

Chanel is one of the all times great cosmetics production brands across the globe. This brand produces a full line of cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips, and nails, as well as accessories. Chanel is indeed a complete beauty brand. Reviews suggest that this brand is a quality makeup brand. You will always feel great after quality Chanel-made makeup. Although it is a bit expensive costly, however, it offers you quality products. Chanel Makeup Brand

Clarins Makeup Brand

Clarins is the French family brand that reveals the natural beauty of women in 140 countries. This brand exports its products to different countries however; they have their labs inside France only. Clarins formulates some quality anti-aging products for all ages. This skincare brand uses different plants extraction in cosmetic products. This family-run French multinational cosmetics company produces some quality bath shower concentrates. Clarins Makeup Brand


Covergirl Makeup Brand

This is an American cosmetics brand. Covergirl is situated in Maryland, United States. A conducted about Covergirl cosmetics found that Covergirl has the most brand-loyal customer base. This brand is a cosmetics category leader. Covergirl celebrates authenticity in skincare products. Covergirl offers you diversity and self-expression through makeup. This American makeup brand offers you accessible, affordable, and inclusive cosmetics. Covergirl Makeup Brand

Dior Makeup Brand

This brand usually gives an amazing experience. Dior also collects the individual and personal data of clients. This cosmetics brand has diverse and enormous fashion products. Although Dior is a bit expensive, consumers view that the products are great enough to justify the high price. This skin beauty brand has real pro-artists tools for flawless red carpet makeup and air-brushed finishes. Dior Makeup Brand

Estee Lauder Makeup Brand

This beauty brand laid its foundation back in 1946 in America. However, Estee Lauder has surprised the world of cosmetics with some quality products since 2012. The brand is now famous for high-performance skincare, makeup, and fragrance products. Similarly, Estee Lauder is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality hair care products. One of the important things about this brand is that you will have economical as well as luxury brands available. Estee Lauder Makeup Brand


Givenchy Makeup Brand

Givenchy beauty house heavily relies on its customers’ views and reflections. This brand keeps updating its products as per consumer demand and wishes. Givenchy brand also tastes its different products on animals before selling them. This skin beauty house produces hundred and plus items from skin beauty to fragrance. As per reviews, customers look quite satisfied with its products of Givenchy. Givenchy Makeup Brand

Guerlain Makeup Brand

This is one of the oldest beauty houses in the world. Guerlain is a French perfume, cosmetics, and skincare house. It is believed that this brand is the leading brand in lipsticks, mascara, and eyeliners. Although, Guerlain is a luxury brand one can also find affordable and economical items. This classical brand uses sandalwood, jasmine, and ylang-ylang while making perfumes. Guerlain Makeup Brands

L’Oreal Makeup Brand

This Paris-based beauty house owns more than 500 cosmetic products worldwide. L’Oreal products include hair color, skincare, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care. For celebrities, this French-based cosmetics company makes incredible foundations, mascaras, and lipsticks. L’Oreal has such a quality that if you use it for once, you can’t live without it. At the world level, L’Oreal works in four complementary divisions. L’Oreal Makeup Brand


Lancôme Makeup Brand

Lancôme is actually one of the four complementary divisions of L’Oreal. It produces some high-quality and luxury face beauty products including lipsticks and perfumes. However, Lancôme is so popular in making bridal and wedding makeup essentials. This brand house mainly focuses on products of makeup for bridesmaids, bridal makeup, and wedding guests. Similarly, Lancôme produces high-end perfumes, potent skin-care staples, and iconic makeup products. Lancôme Makeup Brand

Laura Mercier Makeup Brand

Laura Mercier is so famous in artistry makeup, iconic products across foundations, lipstick, and eyeliner.  This French-American beauty house has several luxury products for celebrities and iconic stars. Laura operates in many major countries of the world such as Japan, Belgium, Canada, Italy, etc. Laura Mercier doesn’t test any of its products. It also doesn’t sell products in China. Laura Mercier Makeup Brand

MAC Makeup Brand

This is a Toronto-based Canadian cosmetics brand. MAC cosmetics is a prestigious makeup brand that mainly emphasizes the artistry behind makeup. MAC has some quality products, particularly face foundations. This beauty brand uses quality ingredients and applies special formulations to create its custom blends. However, MAC is a very expensive luxury brand. MAC Makeup Brand


Maybelline New York Makeup Brand

Reviews suggest that Maybelline New York is very much famous among customers. It has been maintaining the quality work very successfully. Maybelline produces cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care products. There are always some rumors around that Maybelline produces fake products. It is not right though because they are Chinese-made products. This beauty brand house doesn’t operate in China. Maybelline is also one of four divisions of L’Oreal. Maybelline New York Makeup Brand

NARS Makeup Brand

NARS is quite famous due to the sleek packaging of its products, beautiful shade range, and formulas. This beauty brand has some best-selling makeup and beauty cosmetics. NARS is a French-based brand that produces all face beauty and skin-related items. The quality of NARS is very high due to its unique formulation. Reviews suggest that this beauty brand has some permanent customers. NARS Makeup Brand

Revlon Makeup Brand

This beauty brand is so economical as compared to all the others. Revlon is truly a reliable makeup brand. You can have some High-quality cosmetic products at affordable prices. This is an American brand but it operates in 100 and plus countries worldwide. Revlon has some production houses in India and China as well. This beauty brand produces face foundations, lipsticks, lotions, hair colors, etc. Revlon Makeup Brand


I know that you love and like all these high-quality brands. However, you can still write about your choices in the comments section.

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