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Unlike women, men have limited pants fashion trends styles. Men’s pants fashion trends are less frequent as compared to women’s styles. However, in modern-day fashion trends, we see things are changing rapidly. Similarly, there are so many things related to men’s pants fashion style which remain the talk of the town. Trending men’s trousers or pants styles are one of them. Therefore, in this blog article, I have selected the Top 14 Trending Men’s Trousers Styles 2022. I hope that you will enjoy your reading time as well as know the current men’s styles which are in trends.

Men’s Bondage Pants Style

Have you ever heard about BDSM style? It is a particular style with bondage pants or trousers. These pants have some heavy buckles, zippers, straps, and chains. Additionally, some bondage trousers even have rings. Similarly, we see these trousers as part of street fashion as well.  Bondage pants have rich variety such as Capri, long, short, and tight pants.

1. Cords Pants in Trends

These pants are purely winter season trousers. Men wear them during extreme winter and snow seasons. However, one can also wear them during heavy-duty work. Similarly, mechanical workers also wear them during site work.

2. Drawstring Trousers Style

Whether you wear drawstring trousers for some casual visits or for a formal decent dressing look, it is quite fine. These pants have combo use. Similarly, in various reality and dance shows, men wear these pairs of pants quite often.

3. Fisherman Trendy Pants

Thai people originated the fisherman pants style. This pair of pants is quite comfortable, relaxed, and durable in all seasons. Generally, these trousers are made from nylon and polyester which is why they are durable in water. If you love fishing you should have a couple of pairs of fisherman pants.


Fishermen Pants

4. Men’s Hammer Pants in Trends

Breakdancers mostly, like hammer pants. Similarly, rockstar singers, musicians, and even superstar actors wear hammer pants. Additionally, martial arts masters and trainers love this style on several occasions. Hammer Pants

5. Men’s High-waisted Trousers Trend

This is the very classy and stereotypical style that is very common among men. Normally, it suits slim and tall men. High-waisted pants are very common in the summer season. High-waisted trousers always remain in trend for men’s pants fashion style.

High-waisted Pants

6. Men’s Trendy Hiking Pants

Tourists and hiking lovers quite often wear hiking trousers. Similarly, if you need to walk or work in rainy, muddy, and moisturizing conditions you must have these trousers. Additionally, people who love trekking and tenting in hilly and mountainous areas wear these pants.


Hiking Pants

7. Men’s Jeans Pants in Trends

Jeans are the favorite pants among men and women. You have seen blue jeans and white shirts quite often. Similarly, jeans are always a hot favorite among teenagers. They love to wear them every season and everywhere. Jeans are always in trend and part of street fashion as well.

Jeans Pants

8. Men’s Joggers / Sweatpants Style

Sweatpants are mainly designed for gym lovers, bodybuilders, and athletes. These pants keep you warm in the cold and wintery seasons. Joggers help runners to keep their body as warm during track running for practice. However, one can wear them anywhere in extremely cold conditions.

Jogger Pants

9. Men’s Pleated Trousers Style

Pleated pants are flat-front and classy trousers. There are very casual and formal wearing fabrics. One can wear them in any season and for any formal occasion. Although, this is a very classy stereotype of style. Yet it is very much popular in many parts of the world.


Pleated Pants

10. Men’s Relaxed Leg Trousers

These trousers are very much common among teenagers. They love to wear them on regular basis. Similarly, relaxed leg trousers are part of street fashion style. They give you a perfect but decent look with T-shirts and a flattering pair of shoes. However, choosing joggers with relaxed leg trousers is not a bad idea at all.

Relaxed Pants

11. Men’s Trending Slim Fit Trousers

Slim-fit pants are very common in modern-day men’s fashion and style. Teenagers often prefer this particular style for several gatherings and formal occasions. Similarly, at parties and celebrations, slim-fit trousers are everywhere. Choose casual and formal shoes with these trousers.

Slim Fit Pants

12. Men’s Straight Pants Style in Trend

These pants are more formal and official pants. Those who work at offices, banks, and marketplaces prefer straight pants. Similarly, straight pants give you a decent and professional look. They are quite often worn in the summer and spring seasons. Additionally, one can wear any casual pair of shoes with straight pants.


Straight Pants


13. Men’s Stylish Tracksuit Bottoms

Gym lovers like to have tracksuit bottom pants quite often. However, bodybuilders wear them during a street walk or going out for some fun. Even, you may see different music lovers with these tracksuit trousers.

Tracksuit Bottoms

14. Men’s Trendy Wool Pants

A pair of quality wool pants is the need of every man. It gives you a perfect shape and a more formal look on several occasions. Similarly, one can wear them irrespective of body shape and size. In the cold and snowy season, you can wear this pair of pants with great comfort.

Wool Trousers

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