Top 13 Male Models in Kenya 2023

Male models in Kenya Nick Mutuma:
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Male models in Kenya: Kenya is an African country located in the East African religion. It is home to over 47 tribes who love culture, fashion, and showcasing their favorite side of fashion. The country has produced many young and vibrant models who have competed for both at local and international levels. In recent years, the Kenyan fashion industry has grown rapidly, thanks to massive investments from both local and international firms. With me here is a list of the top 13 male models in Kenya as of the year 2023. Take a look:

1. Nick Mutuma: Male models in Kenya

This young male model also couples up as an actor and is known for his charming looks and great physique, something to die off. He has been in the industry for over a decade now and has won several awards for his modeling carer.

Nick Mutuma: Male models in Kenya

2. Abdul Kassim:

Kassim is a model known for his stunning looks and his impeccable style has made many ladies admire him. He has been in the industry for quite a while and has worked with top fashion brands, local and international.

3. Brian Mulei: Male models in Kenya

He is a Kenyan model who is known for his tall stature and great physique. He has worked with a number of top brands including local and international ones as well as walked on several red-carpet events.

4. David Mwangi:

He is a Kenyan-born and based model, known for his great looks that have earned him a place among the best of the best. He has been featured in a number of international magazines.

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5. Nick Kibuchi:

He is a Kenyan model known for his tall stature. He has won a number of international awards on international runways.

6. Brian Onyango: Male models in Kenya

The fact that he is well-built has made man admire him. Just like his counterparts, he has graced many local and international runways.


7. Francis Mbugua:

He is a Kenyan model known for his stunning physique and has worked for top fashion ends.

8. Alvin Kiarie:

He is among the youngest models in Kenya and has already been featured in many international magazines.

9. George Maina:

His tall stature has earned him a place at the top as well as helped him to grace many international runways.

10. Kevin Owiti: Male models in Kenya

His stunning looks have made him work with top fashion brands especially those based in Kenya.

11. Ibrahim Rna:

Despite his religion, he has outshined himself as one of the most established models not only in Kenya but beyond.

12. John Kimani:

He is one of the richest male models in Kenya.

13. Kigen Kiprop:

He is also known as the North rift paparazzi and famous in the rift parts of Kenya


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