From a fashion point of view, women look very nervous while selecting shoes for any particular occasion. Sometimes even they have wrong choices and as a result, they feel uneasy and stressed. Having proper shoes is not a matter of proper wearing for a walk rather they must be a proper fit as per the requirement. Similarly, it is equally important for women to have trending and latest shoe designs so that proper fashion and outlook can be maintained. In this blog article, I have suggested some quality trends which will help you in making your choice as relative and best fitting. Let’s now have a look at the “Top 10 Trending Women Shoes in 2022”. TOP 10 TRENDING WOMEN SHOES IN 2022

Ankle High Women Shoes

Ankle High Shoes are the best fitting with jeans, skirts, and leggings. This trendy shoe design is going to rock in 2022. Hopefully, 2022 will be the pandemic restrictions-free year for the world. Hence we are to see some dashing street fashion styles with ankle-high shoes.

Ankle High Shoes

Gladiator Women Shoes

Gladiator shoes with laces or strips, give you a perfect look during the casual and formal appearance. Whether you wear gladiator shoes with short and mini skirts or with long and knee-high skirts, this particular shoe’s design wouldn’t let you down. You can even prefer gladiator shoes for going to your workplace and some formal visits.

Gladiator Shoes

High-Top Shoes

High-Top Shoes are quite common and in trend during winter and the snow season. They best suit any jeans. Teenagers and college or university students love to have these shoes on regular basis. In street fashion, we also see high-top shoes in trends.


High-Top Shoes

Kitten Heel Shoes

Kitten Heel Shoes are preferred for weddings sort of functions.  Similarly, many women like to wear them while going on a routine job. You can wear them with leggings, tight pants and short skirts. Normally teenagers and young women don’t like them very much. However, older women prefer them even while going out of home for some routine work.

Kitten Heel Shoes

Knee-High Shoes

Knee-high Shoes are mostly preferred with short pants and skirts. if you have fatty and glowing legs then you must try them. Women normally love to wear them during the winter and rainy seasons. If you go hiking or on a long walk in the forest, you should have these shoes. Knee-high shoes will make your long walk journey in green and grassy lands quite comfortable for you. Knee-High Shoes

Pump Shoes

Pump Shoes are quite similar to kitten heel shoes. They give you the perfect formal and casual look. Pump shoes are preferred with leggings and tight jeans pants. Women having average height like to wear these pairs of shoes quite often. However, if you want to look taller, you can wear them. Pump Shoes


Sandal Women Shoes

Sandal shoes have so many varieties and designs. This reflects that women love to wear sandals. They are an easy match for any particular dress style. Sandals are the perfect choice during the summer season. You can wear them anywhere and at any place without having any kind of hesitation.  Sandal Shoes

Sling-Back Shoes

Sling-Back Shoes are the choice of professional women. If you are working somewhere you need to have these shoes on regular basis. You can also wear them while going out shopping or visiting your friends at hospitals or any other marketplace. there are so many different choices and designs available for sling-back shoes. Sling-Back Shoes

Sneaker Women Shoes

Whether you are a teenager, younger or older woman, sneakers will be your choice if you are a runner, sportswoman, or an athlete. Those women who love to walk daily, love these pairs of shoes in any season. Whether you wear jeans, short pants, or tight leggings, sneakers will give you an attractive and sexy look. Sneaker Shoes


Trainer Women Shoes

You need to have trainer shoes while going out to the gym. If you do some yoga, mountain walks, beach walks, or any other exercise in the garden, you need to have trainer shoes. Trainer shoes are very similar to sneakers, hence you can wear them while playing indoor sports. Trainer shoes are common for all ages and remain in trend in all seasons.

Trainer Shoes


These trendy shoes are selected for different activities, walks, and outings. However many of these shoes require you on regular basis. Therefore select the right shoes for the right activity. I hope that this blog will give you an excellent idea for your shoes selection and choice.

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