History depicts that women’s hat styles and trends started during the Middle Ages. However, in the 18th century, the art of hat making was started as it had become part of the style at that time. This trend got momentum during the 19th & 20th centuries. In the 21st century for women, hat-wearing has become an integral part of fashion. Nowadays women wear different hats for different seasons. In this blog article, I have brought some trending hat fashion styles for women. If you are a hat lover and want to have some particular hats as part of your fashion, you must read this blog.

Women Hat

Beret Hat Styles For Women

This round and flat hat style was originated in France. Since then it has become a hot favorite style for women which mostly remains in trend. From the royal women of Britain to some prominent actresses, all wear Beret Hats. This hand-knitted and woven hat have remained the best choice for fashion designers for a long. A beret hat gives you a comrade look and adds to your beauty. Beret Hat Styles For Women

Bucket Women Hat

These hats always give you an innocent and cute look. Research suggests that Bucket Hats were worn out in the early 20th century by the Irish people. These hats are normally worn in the rainy season. One can wear them with T-shirts and skirts. In the world of fashion, bucket Hat is becoming very much famous and common, particularly in Japan, Korea & China. Bucket Woman hat

Cloche Woman Hat

This bell-shaped hat style was also introduced back in the early 20th century. Cloche hats best suit women with short hair. Worn as low on the forehead, Cloche Hat is so popular among European women. They love to wear these hats, particularly in the winter and autumn seasons. Women living in countryside areas of Europe mostly wear this particular style of hat.  Cloche Woman Hat

Fascinator Woman Hat

Fascinator Hat has become so trendy that it is especially worn on many occasions. Western women love to wear these hats at their weddings.  Fascinator hats are usually decorated with flowers, mesh ribbons, and feathers.  Try this particular hat style with open hair as it will give you a party look. if your height is good enough, you must try Fascinator Hat. Fascinator Woman Hat


Fedora Woman Hat

Always choose Fedora Hat with formal pants and shirts. It will give you a dashing, wild and sexy look. If you are a businesswoman or you work in any executive position, this particular hat style is perfect for you. Fedora hats have many colors and styles but black ones are quite common. Wear it in such a way that your forehead looks half covered. Fedora Woman Hat

Floppy Women’s Hat Styles

Floppy Hats are mostly worn during the summer season. These hats give you protection against sunlight and provide shade for your eyes as well. normally women who spend a sunny holiday on any beach or go for outings, wear Floppy Hats. You can even try them out while going shopping during the summer season. Floppy Women's Hat Styles

Gatsby Woman Hat

Gatsby Hat with dark pair of sunglasses and long earrings always gives a glowing look to women. If you have a long and open hairstyle, choose this cap style for you. Gatsby Hat is a perfect match for average height women. However, try some unique colors with simple lipsticks. Gatsby Woman Hat


Homburg Woman Hat

This is purely a winter season women’s hat style. Try it with some decent mufflers or other neck wears. Women often prefer Homburg Hat while going to attend any formal ceremony in an open area. This particular hat style is also becoming part of street fashion style. many women often wear these hats while going out for some coffee and lunch. Homburg Woman Hat

Pillbox Woman Hat

Pillbox Hat is a bit like similar to Fascinator Hat. Air-hostess also wear Pillbox Hats. Similarly, brides often wear such hats including women who attend any marriage ceremony. You can choose Pillbox Hat for any formal gathering or attend any cultural and religious ceremony. Pillbox Woman Hat

Straw Woman Hat

Straw Hats are very large and round in size. If you get an opportunity to spend some lovely time on an island or a beach, must try this. Similarly, Straw Hat protects you against ultra-violet sun rays in the summer season. You would also like to have Straw Hat during any rainy season. Try these hats while walking in a green field to enjoy the natural beauty of the spring and summer seasons. Straw Woman Hat


All these women’s hats are very fashionable and stylish. Therefore, you must try them on different occasions and particularly during the beach summer holidays celebration. However, don’t forget to have a lovely pair of sunglasses as well.

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