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Writing an SEO friendly blog is all about having certain basic skills, mastery, and planning. Similarly, writing a fashion blog requires passion, enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication. Additionally, one should have basic knowledge about SEO friendly blog writing. HOW TO WRITE SEO-FRIENDLY FASHION BLOG?

In this blog article, I will disclose all the secrets of effective and SEO friendly blog writing skills. These skills will not only give you a crystal clear idea about blogging but also offer you a way forward to write SEO friendly blogs on any specific topic and niche.


So, let’s now cut our introduction and start moving toward the topic that is “Top 10 Tips to write SEO friendly blog?” I want to remind you here that I have already been writing 126 blog articles that have been viewed 10k times. Fashion Blog Writing Skills

1. How to Start Blogging?

Before start writing your blog ensure that you got all the key information regarding blog writing. In this regard, you should do some research and find answers to all the questions that come to your mind. For example, you may want to know about the standard requirement of words for your blog post. A standard blog requires 600 to 1000 words. However, the more words you add the greater advantage you will have. How to Start Blogging

2. What is SEO & How to Write SEO-friendly Blog?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO helps and attracts readers to reach your blog articles. It works for free and improves your viewership rapidly. Similarly, you need a minimum 80 score to reach SEO level, however, try to reach a 90 and plus score in order to make your SEO more impactful and result oriented for your blog posts. What is an SEO & How to Write SEO-friendly Blog?

3. What’s the Standard Format for Blogging?

A standard blog must have three different portions. The first portion of the blog contains an introduction. Always write an interesting and curious introduction to attract your readers. Similarly, the second portion of your blog contains all the key explanations along with themes (headings and subheadings). Whereas, the last portion of your blog contains the conclusion. Make sure that your conclusion is the summary of your overall blog article. However, finish your blog with some strong wordings. How to Start Blogging

4. Choose Your Topic Sentence Carefully

Now that you have been doing some research about blog writing, it’s now time to select your topic sentence. You need to choose your topic smartly keeping in view the demand of your readers. I would rather suggest you go with a trending topic at the beginning of your blogging career. However, your topic must be unique and different from others in terms of what is new and what is additional in your blog.  Choose Your Topic Sentence Carefully

5. Always Prefer Headings & Sub-headings

After selecting your main topic go for selecting headers and subheaders for your topic. Similarly, ensure that your chosen headings and sub-headings match your main topic sentence. In this regard, you may also seek support and help from different keywords and headings searching softwares that are easily available.  Always Prefer Headings & Sub-headings

6. Use HTML Headings H1, H2, H3, & H4

An SEO-friendly blog always contains different HTML headings. In this regard heading 1 (H1) is used for the topic sentence. Similarly, H2 is used for the introductory paragraph. Additionally, H3 and H4 are used for headers and subheaders respectively. However, use H5 & H6 for paragraph content writing. To understand HTML headings more clearly you can even observe this blog post from beginning to end. TOP 10 TIPS TO WRITE SEO FRIENDLY BLOG

7. Focus on Proper Sentences & Paragraphs

The worth of your blog depends on your wording, sentence structuring, and paragraphing skills. Therefore, always focus on proper sentences and paragraphs. Keep them short, simple, and precise, but attractive and informative. Similarly, use simple and easy-to-understand vocabulary and avoid classical language. HOW TO WRITE SEO-FRIENDLY FASHION BLOG?


8. Use Relevant Graphics & Images

Adding images, pictures, and graphics to your blog article is so important. Hence, add as many relevant pictures as you can. Similarly, write captions under your pictures where required. However, always avoid watercolor mark pictures and use better image pictures. Adjust your pictures as per the style of your blog writing. HOW TO WRITE SEO-FRIENDLY FASHION BLOG?

9. Never Forget Adding Internal & External Links

Never forget to add internal and external links to your blog. WordPress offers you access to add these links to your blog including other key formats. However, always use relevant external links to your blog. It will certainly improve your SEO score and create chances for your blog to appear on the google search engine. HOW TO WRITE SEO-FRIENDLY FASHION BLOG?

10. Write with Your Heart & Mind

Write with the combination of your heart and mind. Believe in yourself, make it impactful, and prove your best through your writing. Similarly, love your writing and make it interesting, meaningful, and informative. Try again and again and never get bored and dishearted. Additionally, be focused and patient while writing your blog post. HOW TO WRITE SEO-FRIENDLY FASHION BLOG?

Thanks for reading. I hope that you must have enjoyed your reading by getting some useful information to start writing a blog post. You may also read the following blog posts.






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