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Looking younger than our actual age is the dream of everybody. In fact, we never like becoming older. However, if we look even older than our actual age, it irritates us a lot. Actually, looking younger than our actual age is possible. Similarly, various research studies suggest that we can at least look 10 years younger than our real age. Additionally, it is not as difficult as we think. Yet, it requires a proper and disciplined approach. This blog article is a guide for you. If you follow the suggested tips, you will surely look younger. These top 10 tips to look younger than your age are research-based tips. Let’s now read them one by one as mentioned below.

1. Drink Enough Water to Look Younger

Water is life itself. It is the basic source of life for all living organisms. Therefore, staying hydrated means staying healthy, young, and energetic. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day means keeping yourself looking younger. Water removes all the toxins from our bodies. Similarly, it purifies and maintains the flow of blood into our bodies. Hence, research studies suggest that drink as much water as you can. However, do drink water at different time intervals rather than drinking too much at a time.

Drinking Water


2. Eat on Time & Eat Anti-Oxidant Food

Anti-Oxidant FoodEating on time and properly is very much important for looking younger. Research also suggests that chew properly and eat slowly. Similarly, never eat while the food is too hot to eat. On the other hand, do eat those foods and dry fruits which are full of anti-oxidant substances. Never overcook your food nor re-heat it after cooking for once. Studies reflect that eating boiled and grilled foods rather than eating oily and fried foods.

3. Live an Organic Life

Organic Life Style to Look younger than your ageLiving an organic lifestyle is always an added advantage. It makes you look quite younger than your age. Enjoying nature, remaining calm, and relaxed gives you an amazing feeling. Similarly, it soothes your mood and makes you happier. Therefore, prefer a natural lifestyle over the artificial one. In this regard, research also tells us that people who live an organic life, live a longer and healthier life. This is why people living in countryside areas are happier and healthier. These people have natural and organic life standards.


4. Never Use Strong & Heavy Cosmetics Heavy Cosmetics

Heavy and strong cosmetics contain high levels of chemicals. Similarly, they are not skin-friendly. Rather, cause various allergies and skin diseases. Therefore, reduce the use of cosmetics as much as you can. Alternatively, use quality brand cosmetics for your moisturizing skin. Natural oils, balms, cleansers, conditioners, and soaps can give you a perfect and younger look. Never wash your hair with strong and heavy shampoos. Nor use cheap and low-quality brands. They cause your skin to look older and lose.

5. Prefer Brisk Walk or Jogging over Gym Exercises Brisk Walking

Heavy exercises inside the gym loosen your muscles. As a result, your skin enlarges and loses grip as you grow old. Therefore,  do simple exercises on regular basis. Brisk walking, jogging, and even yoga help you to look younger, fit, slim, and smart. However, choose natural places such as forests, grassy lands, parks, and beaches. These areas are full of oxygen and thus you feel very much relaxed after doing your workout. As per research, walk or jog around 180 to 200 minutes weekly. By doing this you will easily lose your extra gained weight as well.

 6. Rely on Vegetables & Fruits Fruits & Vegetables

The more vegetables and fruits you eat the more you look smarter, healthier, happier, and thus younger. Therefore, use green and leafy vegetables on regular basis. On the other hand, dry and green fruits contain crucial vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. They not only protect your body but also help in looking you younger and more beautiful. Your food choice is related to your health hence, choose your foods smartly.


7. Say No to Smoking & Alcohol Alcohol

If you want to look younger and smarter, stay away from alcohol and smoking. They are not your health’s enemy only but also cause you to look older than your actual age. Similarly, alcohol and smoking cause various lung, heart, liver, and kidney-related diseases. Research suggests that smoking alone can reduce your life by up to 20 years. Similarly, alcohol causes long-term and permanent health problems. WHO has already been publishing various reports against both of these fatal habits.

8. Sleep Well with an Extra-Pillow To Look Younger Than Your Age

Double Pillow Sleeping

Proper and timely sleep definitely leaves a significant impact on your health. As per research daily, 8 hours of sleeping is perfect to remain healthy and happy. Therefore, sleep well on time if you want to look younger than your age. However, sleep with the extra pillow as it helps to keep your spine in the proper position. Sleeping properly means refreshing and relaxing your entire body. Hence, it makes you fresh, happy, calm, and relaxed.

9. Stay Happy, Positive, & Laugh Regularly To Look Younger Than Your Age

Laughing Friends

If you want to look younger, do stay happy, and positive and keep laughing regularly. Choose friends carefully who make you happy and laugh. Similarly, for looking younger staying positive is a key factor. This is why positive-mind friends are a great wealth and blessing to you. Additionally, try to keep yourself happy, relaxed, and stay positive. Whereas, laughing regularly means looking younger than your actual age.


10. Take Less Sodium Chloride To Look Younger Than Your Age


Have you ever imagined, why Chinese and Japanese people live longer and look younger? Let me answer you. These people look younger, smarter, and healthier because they use less amount of sodium chloride. WHO’s research advisory suggests that we should take 5 grams of NaCl daily. Similarly, 2.4 grams of sodium is enough for a day to stay healthy, fit, smart, and look younger than our age.

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