The top 10 tips for beautiful lips will surely prove useful for you. Everybody wants to have his or her beautiful pink, moisturized, soothing, and smooth lips while touching. There is one famous quote by Khalil Gibran about lips “Love is the gentle smile upon the lips of beauty”. Actually, we require beautiful lips for more than just kissing our loved ones. Beautiful and pink lips give us a stunning and striking look.

BEAUTIFUL LIPSSimilarly, the innocent and pretty look of our lips lies in the moisture, smoothness, and flat adorable pose. This is why women, in particular, remain very meaningful about the glow and beauty of their lips. In this context, this blog is written which will help you with how to keep the beauty of your lips. Before reading this blog further, do keep in mind that tips are shared on the basis of prior research. Beautiful Lips

1. Keep Your Lips Hydrated

Use plenty of fresh water for drinking so that your lips may get hydrated. Similarly, you should use certain balms, lipsticks, and other wet products which are good for your lips. Avoid licking your lips through your tongue as it will dry out your lips. The Winter season is very dangerous for your lips therefore takes extra effort in keeping your lips hydrated. To understand the importance of hydration read “What is The Role of Water in Skin’s Beauty?”

Hydrated Lips

2. Use Milk & Rose Petals For Your Beautiful Lips

Milk and Rose petals are an excellent application for your lips. They both not only soothe up your lips but also make them moisturized and pink in color. You may also use certain ingredients and oils for mixing with milk and rose petals before applying them to your lips. The use of honey along with milk and rose water would be an ideal mixture in this regard.

Rosy lips

3. Use Vitamin E For Your Beautiful Lips

Research suggests that vitamin E is very pivotal if you want to keep your lips smooth and beautiful. There is a number of ways by which you can apply vitamin E to your lips. However, use vitamin-E capsules for your lips. First of all, cut down the capsule into two pieces and then apply them to your lips one by one. Try this at night time and ideally before sleeping.

Beautiful Lips

4. Moisturize Your Lips With Aloe-Vera

Aloe-Vera has several benefits related to your lips. It not only lightens and smoothens your lips but is also ideal for healing because Aloe-Vera contains anti-inflammatory things. One can make Aloe-Vera balm or even mix coconut oil for regular massage of lips. Aloe-Vera gel is also ideal in this regard which can be used either early in the morning time before going out or late in the evening before going into bed. Beautiful Lips

5. Peel Your Beautiful Lips with Citrus Fruits

Lemon, orange, and other citrus fruits including strawberries all are anti-oxidants hence they leave very significant impacts on our lips. Olive oil and honey are often used along with citrus fruits for lip healing. You can also peel your lips with either lemon or orange with some table salt garnish over them. Women sometimes dry powder citrus fruit along with milk and apply them to their lips. Peeling Citrus Fruit

6. Protect Your Beautiful Lips From Sunlight

Sunlight contains ultra-violet rays (UV) which are very dangerous for your lips. Try to get less sunlight exposure to your lips, particularly in the very hot summer season. If sunlight is unavoidable then try to protect your lips with some sheds, lip-sticks, lip-liners, and other cosmetics of the best quality. Beautiful Lips

7. Avoid Taking Much Caffeine

If you want your lips protected from any pigmentation then stop taking too much coffee or tea. Both coffee and tea contain caffeine which causes dryness on your lips. Caffeine is basically a diuretic in nature that not only dries your lips but also damages the delicate skin. Therefore you must immediately stop taking excessive coffee or tea so that your lips may remain safe from any dark spots and dryness. Beautiful Lips


8. Never Take Too Hot or Cold drinks

Either you eat or take something too hot or too cold, it actually affects very badly on the skin tissues. Your skin cells get dead due to high hot and cold temperature variations. Similarly, this temperature variation causes skin dryness and hardness. As a result, you will lose the smoothness and soothing of your lips.

Beautiful Lips

9. Avoid Too Much Cosmetics For Your Beautiful Lips

Use branded and quality cosmetics mainly which may maintain moisture on your lips. Always prefer gel and liquid-made cosmetics, particularly during the winter season. On the other hand, never use too much and heavy cosmetics which badly damage the beauty of the lips’ skin. Never forget to remove the cosmetics and wash your lips before going into bed. Natural Lips

10. Don’t Bite Your Lips

Last but not the least, the lip-biting habit is also a very bad habit as it destroys the beauty of your lips. Constant and regular lip-biting causes wrinkles and skin dryness. To some people, lip biting is chronic and often causes swelling, rawness, and sores including oral health issues. Therefore one must avoid lip biting so that beauty of lips can be maintained.


Your lips are so valuable to you. They are the real beauty exposures for you. If you have attractive, smooth, and glowing lips surely they give you confidence.  Therefore, take great care of your lips and never let them dry. Similarly, never ever apply too much heavy cosmetics to your lips. It will surely damage the real beauty of your lips.

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