Victoria's Secret Models

Millions of women want to know about how Victoria’s Secret Angels stay fit. “Victoria’s Secret models” have many things which they do to stay fit and healthy. They maintain their highly toned and gorgeous bodies through these things. In fact, this particular approach makes them highly paid supermodels.


Similarly, every fashion lover wants to know how Victoria’s Secret angels (models) stay fit. Additionally, why do all Victoria’s Secret angels look alike? Well, I have the answers to both of these curious questions. All the secrets that these Victorian models have are very unique and highly effective. Let’s now read them all one by one.

Victoria's Secret Models


Victoria’s Secret Models love boxing to stay healthy, fit, and fine. models like Gigi Hadid like boxing and jumping through ropes. Victoria’s Secret Angels love boxing sports because sports give them a perfect and sexy physique for ramp walks. Additionally, boxing helps them to keep their skin tight and healthy even with growing old age. This is why all Victoria’s Secret Models even the senior models like alike and young.

Victoria's Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret Models Believe in  Consistency, Commitment & Dedication

All Victoria’s Secret models follow their routines and plans with consistency, commitment, and dedication. This is why they always look sexy, gorgeous, smart, and healthy in bikinis. Similarly, these models strictly follow their diet and workout plans. Additionally, they are so committed that even during tough traveling schedules, they get stuck to their plans.

Victoria Secret Models

Drinking Green Juices & Smoothies is the routine of Victoria’s Secret Angels

Victoria’s Secret Models love to drink different green juices. Cucumber, green apple, beet, celery, and kale juices are the favorite green juices among Victoria’s Secret Angels. Additionally, they rely on lemon, carrot, and ginger drinks. These models never use cold drinks or even processed juices. Rather, they prefer fresh and hand-made healthy drinks.



Victoria’s Secret Models also Get Professional & Experts Help

All the gorgeous Victorian’s Secret Models constantly expert advice and support from professionals. They consult with physiotherapists, trainers, and diet experts. Similarly, some of these model angels have their personal trainers and physiotherapists. In fact, this approach is one of the secrets of their success and health.

Personal Trainers

Victoria’s Secret Angels do Maintain Lifestyle While Traveling

Victoria’s Secret Models travel a lot throughout the year. However, they do maintain their routine lifestyle while traveling. Usually, they travel with their Pilates and other equipment. Similarly, they do meditation, yoga, and other exercises even while staying inside a hotel. Additionally, they perform certain activities inside hotel rooms.


Similarly, they prefer walking and enjoying fun time with their friends. These models often have different bikini and swimsuit photoshoots on beaches and swimming pools. They always look just perfect due to maintaining their lifestyle.


Victoria's Secret Models

Meditation & Yoga Practice by Victoria’s Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret Models go to some secret and private places for doing meditation and yoga. However, they prefer natural places including mountains, beaches, deep forests, and waterfall areas. VICTORIA'S SECRET MODELS

They close their eyes, relax a bit and feel the freshness. By doing this, Victoria’s Secret Models stay relaxed, fresh, and happy. Similarly, it gives them calmness and improves their mental health. Additionally, these tricks are the best tricks against any stress and depression.


Victoria’s Secret Angels also have the Occasional Cheat Days

Well, Victorian Secret Models have some cheat and heavy foods occasionally. Their glamorous life doesn’t depend on a healthy and balanced diet all the time. Similarly, these models sometimes do eat burgers, french fries, pasta, pizza, etc. Additionally, they even take creamy cakes and cheese. However, they eat these things quite rarely and occasionally. In other words, these models just take 10% to 15% fast and junk food while 85% to 90% healthy food.


burger eating models

Practicing Pilates and Body Massaging by Victoria’s Secret Models

Pilates means simple and light exercise equipment. Victoria’s Secret Angels do their workout with the help of some simple exercising tools. Pilates not only gives you the perfect body shape but also keeps you fit and relaxed. Additionally, body massage helps you to relax your body after doing some professional work. in fact, Pilates practice is now more common among different professional personalities as well.


Victoria’s Secret Angels Always have the Snacks Rich Breakfast

Snacking is the common and routine breakfast eating for the Victoria’s Secret Models. These models smartly snack earlier in the day with fruits and almonds. Similarly, most Victoria’s Secret Models prefer their breakfast with eggs, milk, and protein-rich diets. Therefore, if you want to look, healthy, smart, and gorgeous like Victoria’s Secret Models, you need to follow them accordingly.


Switching Fitness Routines for Victoria’s Secret Models

It is fact that Victoria’s Secret Models constantly keep switching their fitness routines. They never stuck to the same fitness routines rather they change them on a regular and weekly basis. Additionally, some Victoria’s Secret Models change their complete fitness routine on a monthly and yearly basis.


Victoria Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret Models pay great heed to their fitness level. They never compromise their fitness level in any way. Therefore, if you want to stay fit you need to stay strong with your all fitness plans.

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