Top 10 Slit Dresses to Accentuate Sexy Legs

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Slit dresses are the sexiest outfit a lady can own in her wardrobe that can be applied to life when there is a party. Also, they add a flirtatious vibe to just every ensemble, and their seductive nature of them has the charm of playing peek-a-boo. The style formulas are easy, and you can also wear them most gorgeously. Also, these kinds of dresses are a true way to stay away from typical, and they let you accentuate your legs in the right manner. Here in this article, we are going to look at different types of slit dresses that are best to flaunt gorgeous legs and ideas to style them.

Slit dresses
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The following is a list of the top 10 slit dresses to accentuate sexy legs.

Table of contents

  • Side thigh-high slit dress
  • Ruched slit
  • Tape slit
  • Side mini slit
  • Flouncing slit
  • Asymmetrical slit
  • M-slit
  • Back slit
  • Multiple slits

1. Side thigh-high slit dresses

Side thigh-high slit dresses
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The thigh-high side dress will expose your upper thighs, and it is mainly meant for the feisty ladies who can carry it off without a malfunction. Also, it should be reserved for parties and casual occasions. You can wear it for your next evening out with a friend.

2. Ruched slit dresses

Ruched slit dresses
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With a ruched slit, the hemline is given gathered along with a small side slit. A ruched slit dress would compliment an hourglass figure, as the ruched adds volume to a skinny structure. You may pair it with peep toes or high-heel sandals for your date night.

3.  Tape slit dresses

Tape slit dresses
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This slit has a tape of bold fabric sewn to the side slits of your dress. Also, it can make your t-shirt dress look edgy and cool. Wear it with your sneakers or heels for a chic, casual outfit.

4. Side mini slit dresses

Side mini slit dresses
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This kind of slit is a less revealing and more comfortable choice, as your dress will have a small slit on the side of your leg. A short or midi dress with side slits is ideal for a romantic date night or a city break.

5. Waist slit

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Wear a dress with a waist slit if you are super confident and well-toned! The slits go all the way up to your waist, so you will need special lingerie to style such a dress. Wear it with a classy wedge, peep toe, nude high heel sandals, and be ready for the attention that is bound to come your way.


6. Flouncing slit

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A hemline that has flounces with a slit can turn a plain dress into a glamorous one. This slit is ideal for sporting a girly look in summer, and they flatter all body types. Wear it with your lace-up heels for a stunning look.

7. Asymmetrical slit

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Asymmetrical slits are another great way to accentuate your cute legs when going out. The asymmetrical hems are unconventional. When you combine it with a slit, it becomes all the more tantalizing. If you are a tall lady with a curvy figure, then this kind of slit will suit you!

8. M-slit

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Show off those cute legs in a daring M-slit dress. If you are a plus-size lady who wants to make a strong style statement, then you should try this kind of dress. Pair it with your strap ankle heels for a gorgeous look.

9. Back slit

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A back slit can give your evening dress a cute makeover. A good thing is that any kind of body type can wear a back slit. You may wear it with your heels as you are preparing to step out of your house.

10. Multiple slits

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There is nothing that can grab attention like a dress with multiple slits. You can wear it with your ankle boots or heels and create a charming look on your Sunday night out.

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