Top 10 Hairstyle Ideas

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Hair is the crowning glory! Taking good care of your hair is one way of self-care. Hairstyle is also another way of giving your hair life. Most of the time I always let my hair down. Hairstyling is not my thing but whenever I have some events that I need to attend or feel like I need a change of hairstyle I always make sure that my hair looks good with my outfit. So here are the top 10 hairstyle ideas for you.

Straight Hair Down Style


Events or no events this is what my hair looks like every day. I love it when my hair is down and I can smell my conditioner and serum for my hair aside from that a hair down style for your hair matches with every outfit you wear. If you want to have naturally straight hair wash your hair daily and use aloe vera hair shampoo. Don’t forget to use a condition and hair moisturizer as well.

Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas


High or low ponytail hairstyle is such a good vibe whether it’s straight hair or curly hair. This hairstyle is perfect for whenever you wear an outfit that shows your shoulder blade, it will emphasize your outfit.

High Bun Hairstyle Ideas


hairstyle ideas 29
hairstyle ideas 28
hairstyle ideas 26

The high bun hairstyle is so chic and comfy especially if you are wearing heavy makeup. I used to call this hairstyle a ‘lazy hairstyle’ because whenever I need to hurry for some errands I always put my hair into a high bun.

Big Curls Hairstyle Ideas

hairstyle ideas 25
hairstyle ideas 24
hairstyle ideas 23

Would you agree with me if I tell you that this hairstyle is everyone’s favorite? Well, it is everyone’s favorite indeed. This big curls hairstyle is very classic and ladylike. I remember Kate Middleton’s big curl style before with this look. It is a good combo for whatever OOTD you have in mind.

Beach Curl Hairstyle Ideas

hairstyle ideas 22
hairstyle ideas 21
hairstyle ideas 20

Feel the sea breeze with this beach curl hairstyle? I bet you did! This hairstyle is such a good look for ladies who has long hair. Short hair ladies look great in this look as well but I will suggest a different hairstyle for them to match with the shape of their face.

Short Hair Hairstyle Ideas

hairstyle ideas 1
hairstyle ideas 17
hairstyle ideas 16

For this short hair hairstyle, you have a lot of options. It could be full straight hair, big volume curls, and a wavy short hairstyle. Girls with a short hairstyle are so chic with this style.


Wavy Hairstyle

hairstyle ideas 14
hairstyle ideas 12
hairstyle ideas 10

Who can resist a wavy hairstyle? It looks natural and it will emphasize the hair volume. Whether you have long or short hair, this wavy hairstyle will surely look great on you!

Double French Braid Hairstyle

hairstyle ideas 8
hairstyle ideas 8
hairstyle ideas 7

How cute is this double french braid? This one is my childhood hairstyle along with a pigtail. French braid has a lot of styles but I prefer a full french braid and a side french braid because it looks so cute and clean and it will match a short and legging style for an outfit.

Braided Updo Hairstyle

hairstyle ideas 6
hairstyle ideas 5
hairstyle ideas 4

A braided updo hairstyle is perfect for a wedding hairstyle or any event. It’s modern and classic as well especially if you are wearing a dress or a long gown.

Bohemian Braided Hairstyle

hairstyle ideas 3
hairstyle ideas 2
hairstyle ideas 1

Bohemian braided hairstyle is such a great hairstyle. I remember when I was in high school I asked my classmate who knows how to make a bohemian braided hairstyle and it looks so cute especially if you have long hair.

Hairstyling your hair is so fun and at the same time annoying and tiring but I tell you it will look great on you after. What’s your favorite hairstyle so far? See you at the next one!

Photo credit in the respective owners in Pinterest.

By Belle Willow 

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