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What is an abaya?

Abaya is a loose garment that covers the whole body from head to toe or drapes from shoulder to down to floor length. It is specially designed for those who want to go out and don’t want to change their outfit. It is made of fabric cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, and velvet and now denim abayas are being made as these are the most loved fabric by women of all ages. It is designed in such a way that it looks loose and flowy yet modest

Wearing an abaya doesn’t mean that you can’t follow the trend and can’t do what’s in the fashion but fashionista women wear abayas in such a way that they look trendy and graceful. Back then, abayas were in only black colours but now a variety of colours are available to look more exquisite.

So if you are looking for some ideas for abayas then yes you are in the right place


1-Gown abaya:

Gown abayas are the most trending for all seasons. They are the loose flowy yet trendy abayas. They can be worn by women of all ages, and college and university girls can also wear them as they are easy to carry. They are provided with a belt that you can fit according to your need. It can also be embellished with glittery work on sleeves to look more stylish. The fabric for the gown abaya is usually thick so it can be good to wear in winter but to maintain modesty with the trend nowadays gown abayas are made in cotton fabric so they can be worn in summer.


Printed abaya


2-Printed abaya:

Sometimes you just need to go out by wearing an abaya that is so light to wear yet looks stylish. When we think of something to wear like that, printed abayas are the best option to wear. Printed abayas are flowy, loose, and draped from shoulder to toe giving the most graceful and stylish appearance and maintaining modesty with elegance. They are mostly available in fabrics like silk, chiand georgettes. In silk, it is embellished with stones and sleeves and a neckline for the abayas that are not opened from the front. Abayas, which have open fronts, these ornaments are present in sleeves and the front is covered with the same printed buttons or silk fabric buttons. Printed abayas in georgette are the best for summer and are easy to carry.

They always look trendy and are available in floral prints with cuff sleeves, polka dot prints and, checked prints

so printed abayas come in diverse prints colours and styles. They are the most lightweight and modest and give the most stylish feminine look.

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abaya with panels


3.abayas with panels:

If you want a trendy yet simple look then abayas with panels are the most stylish attire. A loose flowy abaya with panels on the sleeves and the front gives the most elegant appearance. Panels can be in chiffon or silk with a printed design. It can also be plain in contrast to the colour of the abaya.

The black abaya with a silk panel looks so exquisite. For the plain abaya printed panels give a modest yet elegant appearance.

abayas with panels


4- butterfly/batwing abayas:

Butterfly or batwing abaya is the symbol of nobility, grace, style and modesty. It is a loose-fit abaya that is flowy with sleeves attached to the abaya rather than separated and gives the butterfly look that looks so feminine and graceful. It changes the overall personality appearance and is easy to carry also.

butterfly/batwing abaya


5- Pastels colour abayas:

Sometimes you want to dress but also want to cover yourself so abayas that are in pastel colours give a sophisticated appearance. They are available in tea pink mint green iced blue and many more pastel colours.

It is best for formal events like birthday parties, and office gatherings and also can be worn to the office. Embellishment with glitters and stones on the sleeves and button line make it the best fit for any event.

Net abaya


6- Net abayas:

Net abayas never go out of trend. They are the best fit for everyday use to formal use.Net on the sleeves with beaded work on it and a buttoned front makes it look exquisite. Back then it was only available in black colour with the black net but nowadays it is available in many different colours and patterns.


7- Ruffled Abaya:

They are the most appealing ones as they give a stylish yet modest look. Ruffles are present on the sleeves, front, ends and on the whole abaya. Ruffled abayas are usually made of cotton and polyester. They are in many sizes and styles. They are the best fit for any occasion.

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8- pleated:

They are the best pick if you are going out for some lunch or some formal events. pleats available on sleeves with stones and on the front make the look so chic yet feminine. They are available in many colours. Pleats on only sleeves cuff and sleeves with the plain abaya are the best pick if you going out casually.


9- maxi:

They are designed in such a way that they level up your fashion style and are a must-have for your wardrobe. They are closed from the front and give a flared, flowy appearance. They are available in button front and embellished with embroidery on the neck and sleeves giving the most trendy yet modest look.



They are the most unique yet elegant abayas. The loose long flared abaya with or without embellishment on the sleeves cuff and front and an open front are usually available in chiffon fabric. provided with the hood. The hood is an essential part of this abaya as you will not need to wear a separate scarf for the abaya. The attached hood makes the most stylish appearance and is different from other abayas. So it will also be a must-have due to its uniqueness as it will be the best for any formal events.

By Huda

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