Tips To Know Before You Buy An Alexandrite Necklace

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Do you know the alexandrite necklace gemstone is known as the chameleon of all gemstones?

Just like a chameleon changes its color, alexandrite too changes its hues and tones! One of the most sought-after gemstones by gem aficionados, alexandrite is known as emerald by day and ruby by night! The mystical color-changing property of this gemstone makes it utterly desired by many!

Why should you consider investing in alexandrite? The alluring gemstone is a keeper because believe it or not, you get two gorgeously beautiful gemstones in one! Alexandrite has become such a popular gemstone because of its shades and hues. Another reason to consider the alexandrite gemstone is its long-term toughness and durability. Alexandrite on the Mohs scale of hardness rates 8.5 out of 10, making it durable enough to use on a daily basis.

Necklaces or pendants are some of the most loved and cherished accessories. The Alexandrite necklace is a must-have for your vanity. What are the parameters you must keep in mind before buying an alexandrite pendant? Here’s a list of little things one must be aware of before investing in an alexandrite necklace.

Types of Alexandrite Necklaces and Pendants

There are many different types of alexandrite necklaces you might fall in love with. Here are a few categories that you will love your Alexandrite necklace in!

Solitaire Alexandrite Necklace: Solitaire means a single gemstone is etched in the setting making it look rather regal. In a solitaire alexandrite necklace, only one gorgeous alexandrite stone is attached to make it look stunning.


Alexandrite Necklace 1

Three-Stone Alexandrite Necklace: As the name suggests, in this setting the necklace is designed in such a way that it showcases the brilliance of alexandrite gemstone with two sparkling diamonds attached to the setting!

Summer Dresses


Alexandrite Necklace 2

Designer Alexandrite Necklace: One of the most self-explanatory categories is designer. The pattern of the alexandrite necklace is quite fancy and stylish at the same time. The designer necklace has quite a handful of diamonds along with an alexandrite gemstone as the center stone. It does look quite dreamy when worn on eventful nights.

Alexandrite Necklace 3


Source of Alexandrite

Alexandrites are mined in a variety of places around the world. Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains and has since been discovered in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and India. Before purchasing an alexandrite necklace, it is critical to consider the gemstone’s origin. However, because all mines generate high and low-quality gemstones, it should not be the deciding factor.

Color of Alexandrite Necklace

Color and color change are the two most important drivers of the value of an alexandrite. As the color saturation of an alexandrite increases, its value increases too. The more dramatic the change from incandescent to daylight, the more costly and precious alexandrite becomes.

Alexandrite Necklace 4
Alexandrite Color Changing

When purchasing an alexandrite necklace keep in mind that the saturation of the gemstone is just perfect so that both shades are visible in different lighting situations. An alexandrite necklace is too precious because of the rarity of the gemstone. The rarer the gemstone, the higher its value. “The emerald by day and ruby by night” gemstone is truly stunning and an alexandrite necklace makes sure you look exquisite in any and every attire you wear!

Cut of Alexandrite Necklace

Lapidaries artistically cut alexandrite gemstones so as to make the gemstone hold in the light to sparkle more. Lighter material is cut deeper as it allows the alexandrite to hold more light and boost saturation, while darker material is cut shallower to allow more light to pass through the gem making it glimmer more.

The artisans put in their hearts and soul to give you the perfect alexandrite necklace in the shape you desire. From round, oval, and cushion to emerald, Asscher, pear, and many other different cuts look super stylish and fancy in an alexandrite necklace. Cutting and shaping an alexandrite is definitely a work of art and requires experience!

Clarity of Alexandrite Necklace

The clarity of the gemstone speaks about the presence of inclusions or fractures inside the gemstone that can be seen by the naked eye. The transparency and clarity of a gemstone are the two most important qualities considered when determining its value. Alexandrites, like other naturally occurring gemstones, have inclusions and fractures. Simply put, the greater the clarity and transparency, the better the value.


Carat Weight of Alexandrite

What is carat weight? It is the unit of measurement of the weight of a gemstone. A deep-cut 1-carat alexandrite might appear smaller than a 1-carat shallow-cut alexandrite. For this reason, it is advised that the stone should be measured in millimeters and not carat weight.

Everyone loves bigger gemstones. If you want a larger gemstone in your alexandrite necklace you should make sure that you measure the center stone in millimeters and not just carat weight.


Alexandrites are usually sold untreated. Any treatment done on these gemstones might affect their colors. If you’re looking for a vintage alexandrite necklace that will sustain for life then you should ensure that no treatment has been done on your chosen gem.

Knowledge is power. It gives you the ability to make correct decisions. These small tips will definitely help you in making an investment of a lifetime in a one-of-a-kind gemstone – Alexandrite. The necklace is an important accessory that helps one stand out from the crowd. When an alexandrite is etched into a setting as the center stone – the alexandrite necklace is the only thing people will have their eyes on! Make ‘em Jealous!

By Eric

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