Tips To Boost Your Brown Color Outfit

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Do you have any idea what tone in garments practically all fashionistas have attempted to keep away from for quite a while? – It’s brown.

But in recent seasons, brown has become a super trendy color that is used almost everywhere. Monochrome brown looks are worn by all fashion bloggers and fashionistas. It’s both classic color and a trend as of the past several seasons, meaning that Brown is, in fact, the new black

According to color psychology; which is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. It aims to determine how color affects our day-to-day decisions such as the items we buy.

Brown is an earthy color. After all, it’s the color of earth, wood, and stone. So naturally, color psychology highlights that the color meaning for brown relates to comfort, security, and down-to-earth nature.

“Despite being shunned from the fashion scene for decades, brown doesn’t have to be difficult to wear,” says celebrity stylist Harriet Byczok. “There are so many different shades of brown that you can easily find something in your wardrobe to match.”

Here is How to combine brown to look stylish and harmonious.

Brown + Pink

Add a pink pop of color to any brown outfit for a vintage vibe for winter season.

Brown + Light Blue

Pairing light blue and brown makes a statement without being too loud.

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Brown + Burgundy

Combining brown with burgundy is a perfect way to step up your outfit especially in winter.

Brown + Black

These color combo elevates your outfit even more particularly, it’s better to choose shades of light brown and beige in combination with black. Black and brown work best together when you skip any bold or bright colors and just do a mix of neutral hues.

Brown + Army-Green

Brown + Light-beige

These color combo gives you a minimalist look.

Brown + Camel

Different shades of a similar color, camel and brown look great together and add a minimalist dynamic to any outfit.


Try to combine your color choice from the above to give a twist to your look. Remember always wear based on your personal style and choice.

By Gelila Shita

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