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“A skincare regimen really needs to be customized based on each person’s unique skin type and goals,” “Skin protection from pollution and the sun is important for younger individuals. It’s important to handle acne for someone who is prone to it. It can be about avoiding fine lines, discoloration, and other aging indicators for someone with more aged skin.

SKINCARE DO: Go to Sleep

Beauty sleep has a specific name for a reason. The skin heals itself while you sleep by generating collagen and mending injuries. And being sleep-deprived not only results in dark circles and bags under the eyes, but also raises your risk of developing acne, fine wrinkles, dehydration, and irritation. Whew! Adults need to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. So, put away your gadgets and have a warm bath or shower an hour or two earlier your new, early bedtime. You’ll feel tired as a result of the temperature of your body rising and then falling, which will enhance the quality of sleep you get all night long.

SKINCARE DO: Stay Hydrated

“Keeping hydrated is a crucial goal for keeping clear skin, “She continues, pointing out that dry skin cells are far more probable to get trapped in our pores. “Nearly every kind of pimple starts with the entrapment of dead cells inside our pores. “A healthy rate of shed of cellular debris from pores can be enhanced by maintaining skin hydration as part of avoiding and ultimately clearing acne skin. It’s crucial to drink the required amount of fluids to be hydrated in order to satisfy from within out. Additionally, moisturizing the face in the morning or at night can maintain healthy, supple skin.

SKINCARE DO: Consider Your Makeup Choices

It is important to avoid several substances that are frequently found in makeup because they can worsen acne.” Artificial scents, sulfates, and D&C—a red dye that can be particularly acne-productive —are among these substances. According to them, it’s also important to always wipe off your makeup before bed since “makeup residue may seep into [the skin] or block pores as we sleep. Additionally, she advises washing brushes with water once a week “since they can collect germs and promote acne.

Even if your face feels clean in the morning, wash it with a gentle, nonmedicated cleanser, which will clean your skin without leaving it too dry.

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