TikTok Has Spoken—These Are the 7 Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2023.

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Previously, keeping up with fashion trends meant perusing the runways for the season’s key looks. However, in the era of social media (and more specifically, TikTok), our shopping habits have changed so quickly that trends can catch on almost immediately, forcing the runway to follow suit. It’s simpler than ever to get new inspiration from actual women and not just designers because user-created fashion and styling material is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok and populating our explore pages on a regular basis. Therefore, the next time you’re debating whether to spend your next paycheck on that Loewe bomber jacket, the likelihood is that someone has already tried, tested, and reviewed it for you. Additionally, leather bombers will start to appear everywhere in a couple of weeks.

When it comes to discovering the newest, must-see looks for 2023, where better to start than TikTok? At Who What Wear, we like to stay ahead of the trends in an effort to assess which ones are genuinely worth investing in. No matter your style, budget, or personal choice, we’ve compiled an edit that has something for everyone. We’ve sat, browsed, and put in the screen time to bring you the most viral trends now ruling the app.

So whether you know your “Gorpcore” from your “Coastal Grandmother” or you’re seeking a seasonal update to 2022’s “Romcom-core” style, keep scrolling for some of the most popular TikTok fashion trends and aesthetics that will undoubtedly persist into 2024 and beyond. You have heard it first here.



TikTok trend cowgirl

It’s time to mount up because a new look has arrived. The Coastal Cowgirl has given warm-weather attire a stylish makeover just when you thought the Hamptons-equivalent Coastal Grandmother look was the most effortlessly elegant beachwear it could possibly get. The only similarity between these two looks is the tonal colour palette of beachy beige, sky blue, and clean, fresh whites, and according to TikTok, it’s a universally crowd-pleasing style that’s ideal for spring. Trade your cardigans for fringed jackets, midi skirts for distressed denim, and sandals for cowboy boots. 



TikTok trend aesthetic

The Old Money aesthetic is more about emulating the traditional codes of the archetypal aristocrat wardrobe than it is about how much money you actually spent on your outfit. If it would look good riding a horse or in a country club, it is Old Money-ready. This contentious trend, which goes by the name “preppy,” draws inspiration from the type of preppy signatures that Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, and Hermés are known for producing. (Adipex) However, the look is being replicated IRL through smart high-street purchases and secondhand finds.



TikTok trend bloke-core

The new bloke-core aesthetic gives new meaning to the phrase “borrowed from the boys” by making a blatant reference to lad culture. Talk about high/low styling—sportswear and baggy jeans are matched with heels and small purses. Ironically, 90s styling is the most current approach to make this look feel current. Your best accessories and the ideal attire for a night out at the bar are set to be vintage football and rugby shirts, tracksuits and worn denim. 



TikTok trend cluttercore

Although the Cluttercore movement may have originated as an interior design fad, it is now permeating our wardrobes and challenging the Marie Kondo organising principles. The chaotic interior trend of piling up clashing things as an expression of personality and self-expression has inspired a heady mix of pattern, colour, and texture that maximalists will adore (simply picture the walls of your teenage bedroom for a better idea). There is plenty to be said about how fantastic a Cluttercore outfit will make you feel, after all, it’s impossible not to feel instantaneously better with this much colour. Despite the fact that we would frequently extol the advantages of timeless monochromatic mainstays.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.



vanilla girl

Not a fan of the maxim “more is more”? You should use the Vanilla Girl look as a palette cleanser. Although it won’t be brand-new in 2023, its adaptability attests to its durability. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can attest that tonal, warm dressing in creams and whites always looks chic, even when the similarly styled caramel and coffee variants come and go. The spring/summer update is perfect, and while we wear the style in the winter with big knits and wool coats, we can’t wait to change into cream denim and tank tops as soon as the sun chooses to show up.



rockstar outfit

If Daisy Jones and the Six’s breakout success on television has taught us anything, it’s that rock and roll will always be popular. Although the hashtag suggests that the Rockstar Girlfriend is only a supporting role for the rockstar, in reality, it’s the girlfriend’s costumes that stick in our minds. Pamela Anderson, Lisa Bonet, Kourtney Kardashian (ahem, Barker), and Kate Moss’ street style are all present. This is how to do grunge with a bit more polish (although it’s meticulously designed to look effortless). Leather pants, baby shirts, and the antithesis of the troublesome “clean girl” trend that became popular last year.




Every season is the summer of love for Sungirls. Don’t expect to see her in Old Money tailoring or the plain Vanilla Girl palette, either; this is a beachy, undone, and boho look that prioritises comfort, colour, and laid-back style with Californian cool. While the majority of us tend to favour this look in the summer, for certain TikTokers it’s a year-round devotion. If you’re searching for packing suggestions for your upcoming international vacation, start with the Stargirl hashtag. 

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