Tie-Dye the Biggest Trend of the Year


As soon as you think of cold-weather outfits, you inevitably conjure up warm and cozy shades like rust, camel, and heather gray. They’re subtle, easy to style, and pretty much always featured in fall collections. And yes, they’re great. But sometimes your wardrobe needs a little something else. It seems everyone on Instagram (celebs included) has been feeling the monochrome fatigue since the pandemic started, and has embraced the tie-dye trend—a print that’s a little unexpected and a lot more nostalgic.

Case in point: J.Lo, who was recently spotted riding a Citi Bike in Manhattan in a tie-dye sweatsuit from Polo Ralph Lauren. (In case you haven’t been following her style lately, the singer-actor has a particular fondness for all things tie-dye, face masks included.) As far as we’re concerned, J.Lo’s tie-dye

Lo’s tie-dye sweatsuit nails it. The pattern of the swirls, the vibrant colors, even the amount of bagginess is just right.



Surprise, surprise: The joggers she’s wearing are already sold out, but we found a seriously convincing dupe from PacSun. J.Lo’s exact sweatshirt is still in stock—and is shopped out below in case you wanted to make a quick dash to checkout. We’re actually amazed to see that the sweatshirt is still available, not just because J.Lo wore it but because Ralph Lauren’s tie-dye collection came out pre-quarantine, and pieces were consistently wait-listed.

Tie-dye occupies a very specific space in the “throwback trend” conversation: Like pearl hairpins and prairie dresses, it brings shoppers back to simpler times—summer camp, arts and crafts, you know, things from the outside before coronavirus swept the globe. And sometimes dressing as you did in your happiest memories can feel comforting.

Brands from Everlane to Cotton Citizen took cues from the Fashion Week runways and started releasing their own takes on this childhood staple earlier this year. And with celebrities like J.Lo, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bella Hadid fully on board with the trend, tie-dye is showing no sign of slowing down.

By Rida Khan

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