This Summer, Obsess Over These 6 New Lipsticks

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Our Lipsticks are long-lasting lip lacquer with a selection of vivid matte colors. It’s water-resistant and non-transferable, and it sticks to you like glue, so don’t bother about leaving a trail!
You may now decorate your lips in “Sand Storm,” “Chili Fever,” “Pink Poem,” “Pink Orient,” “Purple Essence,” and “Royal Plum,” the latest 6 additions to an already comprehensive variety of Lipstick; “Sugar Tan,” “Henna Stain,” “Sumac Spice,” “Oud Rose,” “Zanzibar Coral,” “Fuchsia Garden,” “Gold Rose.
I have  selected a different approach to our Lipsticks that cover every type of occasion that may pop up on your summer schedule in different fashion style look .

lipsticks Brands

Look 1:

Are you and your buddies going to a concert? Mix two of our top Lipsticks together to feel like a superstar: Apply the “Chili Fever” shade to the outer corners of your lips and the “Henna Stain” shade to the center. To create a dramatic appearance, use your lip brush to blend both separating lines together.


lipsticks red

Look 2

Going on a shopping binge at the mall? Apply our “Royal Plum” shade on your upper lip and our “Velvet Pink” shade on your bottom lip to dazzle everyone with your extreme pink lips. To combine the hues, smooch your lips together during the lipstick dries.

Look 3: 

What about a dinner date with your best friend? Apply “Henna Stain” all over your lips and a dab of “Sandstorm” in the center of your upper and lower lips. Smooch your lips together for a sheer-finish appearance that matches your new summer dress wonderfully.

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Look 4:

How about a day at the beach? Don’t worry, the Lipstick formula will keep your lips moisturized while while giving them a luxurious feel . Plus, when the “Fuchsia Garden” color on your lower lip and the “Pink Orient” shade on your upper lip are combined, it creates a lovely color.

look 5

Bring a lively look to a picnic; our best weapons are the “Pink Poem” and “Zanzibar Coral” colors. For a long-lasting effect, apply the first one to your lower lip and the second to your top lip and mix them together.


Look 6

Are you ready to leave for your summer vacation? Apply our “Purple Essence” shade all over your lips, then dab a dab of our “Gold Rose” shade in the middle of both lips and blend the lines along with your lip brush to go there in elegance.

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By Sara Khan

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